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Stormie Parker  
Stormie Parker - Windstorm Studio

Windstorm studio is located in the heart of the Fort Worth Nature Center. Home of Wendell and Stormie Parker who have encompassed a creative ceramic center where Stormie makes sculpture with personality and purpose within an enchanting garden. They invite each guest to step into a world that embraces the abundance of the earth. Wine grapes encompass a courtyard leading up through herb gardens intermingle with a bounty of bright flowers. Walk through the orchard of fruit trees, with blackberries boarding the fence. Vegetables grow season round in raised beds with xeriscaping techniques conserving water while creating a beautiful place to live and create.
Rebecca Low  
Rebecca Low - She Creates What She Sees

Rebecca's art is very diverse. She creates what she sees. When Rebecca looks at, what many people call junk, she may see all kinds of things - it's very much like seeing faces or objects or landscapes in the clouds. Empty space is filled when Rebecca sees it. Then she either takes found objects, or raw metal, or both and often combines them with paint, water, rock, glass, fire or any other material to help her create her vision. Rebecca's attempt is not to try and control - but to let the visions and materials control themselves, her work and her. Most of Rebecca's art is just for fun and rarely philosophical. It tends to either appear off balance (a little like the artist) or it has motion or both. Rebecca will often use wind, water and/or fire to enhance her sculptures.
Julie Lazarus  
Julie Lazarus - Acqua Alta

Most of my new work is a result of my travels to Italy over the past seven years. My observations of the amazing light reflected off the water and buildings of Venice and Murano has been an inspiration for my work. My newest works, however, are inspired by the intriguing floral growth of the trumpet vines and the grapevines that grow in abundance throughout Venice, and by the tree limbs that appear to frame the vistas of the landscape. During my visits to the Veneto, I sit beneath the arbors, surrounded by the flowering vines and sketch my surroundings. These influences become the shapes and colors for my paintings and for my blown glass produced during my visits to Murano.
Consciousness - 40x40 Acrylic and Oil on Wood Panel  
Sharon Grimes - Consciousness

Sharon Grimes of Longview, TX, is a self-taught contemporary abstract artist whose art is expressed with vivid colors and vibrant energy in all of its textures and layers. The thoughts and awarenesses that I have while working are always interesting to me. Sometimes the act of painting reaches deep into my soul and prompts me to think of things that I wouldn't normally give a lot of thought. As I worked on this piece I started to feel enveloped and warmed by it. I used the lines to indicate different levels of awareness, building up to a crescendo of light. When I started to become conscious of the light, I wondered if the awarenesses that I develop are limited to humans or if the earth itself is aware, in much the same way that we are.
Ariel Davis is an artist living and working in Fort Worth  
Ariel Davis - Artist, Gallery Manager, Arts Organizer, And Curator

Ariel Davis is an artist living and working in Fort Worth, Texas. Her work reflects on humanity, relationships, and time, in the form of stylized figurative paintings. In her work you can find the idea of relationships at the core, that play with symbolism in telling a story. In preparation of creating a painting, she employs the process of photography, collage, and digital manipulation to create a unique source image, or she works from life. Many times she will engage individuals in the community to collaborate with her as subjects in her work. Capturing and portraying the energy and mood of a scene, group or individual is more important then the details, which is defined by her loose style and use of bold color.
tend my garden  
Ken O'Toole - Tend My Garden

Ken O'Toole's recent newsletter arrived with a wonderful story of he and his wife embarking on a project to beautify their front yard: "This joint effort was initiated to solve a problem; an eyesore that was as painful to walk through as it was to look at. We really did not expect the additional resulting benefits of improved health from working outdoors everyday and the superior nutrition we discovered in leaves of the decorative sweet potatoes we planted. But, the foremost result we realized as one by one our neighbors made a point of stopping by while we worked in the garden to compliment our efforts. We heard words like 'beautiful,' 'creative,' 'vision,' and most often 'INSPIRING.'" See the MORE ARTICLE INFO page for the results.
Gwen Meharg - Like the Sky 48 x 48  
Gwen Meharg - Marking Time Series

Exhibition on Display: 2019- 2020
Nine Marking Time paintings can be seen at Crittenden the Studio 299-101 St. Louis Ave., Fort Worth, Texas, 76104 Due to CV19 complications call the gallerist, George Crittenden, at 917-514-9715 to ask when you can see the art. Call me at 817 832 6952 and I will meet you there if I can. Do artist brains work differently? I don't think so, but I one have experience with the one brain. A psychiatrist friend of mine disagrees. She tells me I see the world in a unique way. As an experiment, join me for a walk through of the coalescence of my painting series, Marking Time.