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Nefesh (First Level of Soul)  
Jan Ayers Friedman - Artist

Jan Ayers Friedman was born in Dallas, Texas in 1954 and currently paints and sculpts from her studio in the Fort Worth Ridglea area. She studied art and science curricula at ETSU and UTA and has served on boards of local arts organizations since 1984. A co-founder of the Texas Jewish Arts Association, Jan is currently involved with helping build arts opportunities and education platforms that encourage open dialogue and creative innovation.

Stormie Parker  
Stormie Parker - Windstorm Studio

Windstorm studio is located in the heart of the Fort Worth Nature Center. Home of Wendell and Stormie Parker who have encompassed a creative ceramic center where Stormie makes sculpture with personality and purpose within an enchanting garden. They invite each guest to step into a world that embraces the abundance of the earth. Wine grapes encompass a courtyard leading up through herb gardens intermingle with a bounty of bright flowers. Walk through the orchard of fruit trees, with blackberries boarding the fence. Vegetables grow season round in raised beds with xeriscaping techniques conserving water while creating a beautiful place to live and create.
Adhesions benefitting Alliance for Children  
Betsy Horn - Artist
I am a self-directed artist living and working in Fort Worth, Texas. I have won awards for my landscape paintings and have been selected to be featured in a Public Art exhibit for the City of North Richland Hills, Texas in 2022. I am currently working with Alliance for Children, Tarrant County, Texas through art and monetary donations from my tree bark series of works, as well as contributing to their art therapy program. My artistic mission is to evoke a love of nature and reveal the spiritual experiences hidden therein. My work is neither abstract nor realistic. As I examine my subject, I pull the colors out and reduce the lines down. I take from the most interesting areas of my subject, placing sections into a cohesive composition of lines and areas of visual interest. I use color to either portray the subject so that it is recognizable or to exaggerate that which we think we see.
September Art  
Laura Hunt - Artist
Exhibition: Through April 24 - Bernice Coulter Templeton Gallery at Texas Wesleyan University
Benefiting Tarrant County Homeless Coalition
I paint the human figure. I’m drawn to the emotion expressed by the gesture of a hand or the tilt of a head. I’m fascinated by the divine spark, the infinite variety of the human face, and the tiny differences that make each of us our unique selves. Themes of human relationships and emotion, social issues and empathy bind the work together. Although my work has a naturalistic foundation, I am uninterested in creating academically perfect figurative work. I prefer a more expressive approach that is less about visual accuracy and more about the human experience.
Michael and Audra Pianta  
Michael Pianta - Savage Arcadia

Exhibition: February 18th - March 18th 1:00-3:00pm

Fort Worth cutting-edge realist artist, Michael Pianta, opens his solo MFA art exhibition, Savage Arcadia, this Saturday, February 19th 1:00-3:00pm at the Goldmark Cultural Center in Dallas. Michael's large scale figurative paintings explore the double-edged relationship between human beings and nature.

Cosmo Jones  
Cosmo Jones - Artist
I prefer to allow styles, materials, and techniques to drift as I experiment based on instinctual decision making. I feel this gives my paintings their own kind of consciousness. The purpose of my work is simply to allow truths to uncover themselves and then to present those discoveries to viewers. It is up to the viewers to find what is useful to them. This is how I fulfill my role as an artist-by moving into gray areas of reality and mystical states of consciousness in order to bring something back as an offering. I don't worry about technique or procedure. If I have an idea, I do it. If I have an affinity in the moment to use some imagery or a adopt a technique, I don't hesitate. I try not to worry if things "make sense," allowing my conscious and unconscious desires to emerge, and give my artwork power.
Rick Steinburg - Artist  
Rick Steinburg - Artist
Rick Steinburg is an Austin, Texas based visual artist and musician that creates compositions that combine painting with the use of found objects. Seeing the visual possibilities in objects and art fragments allows the process to determine a significant part of the outcome. The spontaneous nature of this process allows a narrative to develop organically. Elements of My Creative Process are seeing the possibilities in objects, words, ideas and sounds. Letting the creative process determine part or all of the outcome. Finding beauty and joy in unexpected places/forms. Being unafraid of mistakes. Giving objects and fragments that could easily be discarded a new life and purpose and allowing a narrative to develop organically from the pieces.

Jennifer Stufflebeam  
Jennifer Stufflebeam - Artist, Gallery Manager
Jennifer won 2nd place in acrylic/oil painting at the Camp Fire Christmas Art Competition
Jennifer lives and maintains an art studio in Parker County, Texas. She studied art in high school and Tarrant County College Northeast, along with an occasional workshop in Fort Worth. Her medium of choice is acrylic with oil stick on canvas, but also enjoys working in oils, watercolors and pencil and pastels on paper and canvas. She is represented by Art on the Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas. Art on the Boulevard is an artists' co-operative located in west Fort Worth at 4919 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Suite B. We are 2 blocks east of the Merrick Street and Camp Bowie Boulevard intersection. Our goal is to furnish a place where the artist can be free to express themselves with few boundaries, and maximum support. Most of our artists work...
Katherine Akey - Whaler's Valentine  
Katherine Akey - Artist
Through photography, printmaking, fiber art, and writing my work focuses on the transformation of human experience, especially that of trauma and conflict. Much of this is an exploration of the change of experience from history to myth, from mourning to commemorating. But I always try to do this exploration through the experiences of individuals. Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote that when a man dies an unknown world dies with him; photographic archives as well as personal histories, these are what is left when that unknown world disappears, these are where we can connect to the humanity of the past, these are where I excavate. My childhood was spent climbing through archaeological sites with my parents; their academic practice is the foundation of how I make sense of the world, dusty sites and overflowing vitrines that fill my memory.
But Does It Look Expensive Enough  
Vince Veazey - Artist
The text-based series evolved from Veazey's experience working in the art gallery setting and noticing how verbal exchanges impact a viewer's decision to acquire a piece. Veazey provides key phrases and rhetoric used to influence the casual art buyer, or serious collectors, and brings to light the manner in which artists have to maneuver that influence. From Tyler originally, Veazey received his BFA from U.T. Tyler. After graduating he taught art for six years. He currently resides in Fort Worth. "There's a composition to" these works, he said. "When you start laying it out, you don't want anything to be distracting. I take some words out, like 'really.' The final words need to take you" directly to the point.

Matthew Bourbon - Artist
My work is insistently abstract, mathematical, conceptual in origin and geometric in appearance. It does not derive from perception, but is entirely constructed from numerical rhythms and proportions; it is concept made visible, a thought construction. The content of the work resides partly within the work itself and partly in the viewer's apprehension of the mathematical structure that is made visible through geometry and not disguised by other subject matter. The industrial color palette is limited to black, various grays, white, and metallics, further distancing the work from observed colors in natural forms. These hues enforce the inherent geometry and are less likely to reference imagery or subject matter outside the concerns of the work...

Gloria Sepp  
Gloria Sepp - Artist
Gloria Sepp is an artist living and maintaining an art studio in Fort Worth, Texas. Her passion for painting shows in the beautifully rendered abstract expressionism styled creations on canvas. She achieved her B.A. Fine Arts Degree at the University of Miami, along with Graduate Studies with University of North Texas, TCU, University of Texas, and The Savannah School of Art and Design. Most of her abstract expressionism works are derived from her life experiences and emotions. She is a member of Society of Watercolor Artists, Trinity Art Guild, Dallas Visual Arts, North Texas Art League, National Art Educators Association, National League of Penwomen, and National Collage Society. She is represented by Art on the Boulevard located at 4919 Camp Bowie Blvd., Suite B, in Fort Worth Texas. Websites: gloriasepp.com, or artontheboulevard.com
Brenda Ciardiello  
Brenda Ciardiello - Artist
Brenda Melgoza Ciardiello is a Mexican-American artist and poet who paints contemporary landscapes, botanicals and abstract art that deal with themes of personal connection to nature, as inspired by her experiences and travels in nature around the world. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Classical Civilizations from the University of Notre Dame, as well as a Master of Science in Education from The City College of New York. Brenda is heavily influenced by her bicultural and international experience of the world. Born in Mexico City but raised in Texas, she has also lived / studied in Italy, the U.K., New York City, New England, the Rocky Mountains, and the Middle East and, as part of her process, travels whenever possible to capture original source imagery for her artwork.
Texas Sunset  
Brenda Gribbin - Artist
My art focuses on botanical forms. Expressive gesture, re-iterated line and selective erasure translate my movement at the easel into those of the subjects; grass pushing up from earth, trees moving in wind, plants twisting and dancing. The deep black and velvety texture of a charcoal stick is pure joy to me, and capturing the image with its organic presence gives context. I use various dry media as well as watercolor and acrylic paint on canvas, paper, and panel. I am motivated by the collaborative process, and believe collaborative art builds community. Translating collective ideas into the language of a painting forms common ground and produces artwork that strengthens bonds. The artwork becomes a cairn for moments that make us who we are.

LANE BANKS - Artist  
Lane Banks - Artist
My work is insistently abstract, mathematical, conceptual in origin and geometric in appearance. It does not derive from perception, but is entirely constructed from numerical rhythms and proportions; it is concept made visible, a thought construction. The content of the work resides partly within the work itself and partly in the viewer's apprehension of the mathematical structure that is made visible through geometry and not disguised by other subject matter. The industrial color palette is limited to black, various grays, white, and metallics, further distancing the work from observed colors in natural forms. These hues enforce the inherent geometry and are less likely to reference imagery or subject matter outside the concerns of the work...

Chris Bingham  
Chris Bingham - Artist, Muralist, and Designer

My work seems to be taking an ever-evolving course, similar to my life in most stages. Over the years the style has been fluid and experimental, but the meaning behind the work has been the constant. Life, pattern, daily struggle, and the pure joy of being alive. When you look at my work, I hope to place the viewer in a familiar time or place, churn a memory that may have been long forgotten, or just make you remember why it is you love your life. The images portrayed may not always be the most pleasant of scenes, but the lasting memory they will leave will surely burn a pattern on your heart.

Kissed a Girl in a Guy Fawkes Mask  
Brad Antifolk - Artist
As a child my earliest memories of art are not between the lines of a coloring book, but the lines themselves. It was the lines that stuck with me. In my art today, the focus is the dichotomy between the arbitrariness of how color is positioned on the canvas against the carefulness of the outlines of that color. The line takes the color and makes it pop. There is beauty in imperfection. As a leader of people in business, I would draw a straight line using a ruler and then freehand a straight line next to it. I would then ask my employee which one was they preferred. Inevitably they always said the one drawn with the ruler. Ah, but the imperfection seen in the line drawn freehand has so much more soul and power in it. My artwork continues to be about these small blemishes that the hand drawn line produces. The power and the soul of the artist. Life is not always perfect...
From the Past to the Present  
Romulo Martinez - Artist
In my artistic journey, I have been a faithful follower of color, which, with the impulse to deepen the potential of it, has led me in a fascinating way to study the iridescent effects that show and reflect the colors of the rainbow in natural and industrial elements present in our environment and societies, to represent them with the challenge and ingenuity that the proposals merit. With a personal photographic experiment in my workshop, this aesthetic investigation began, which, when witnessing through the contemplative observation of color radiation inside an aqueous body after the decomposition of light, germinated in me the interest in investigate the color through light and the materialization of the intangible phenomenon, leading me to communicate what has been observed through various techniques, tools and materials that evoke and reproduce those variables...
Vanessa Daly a.k.a. Dos Santos  
Vanessa Daly a.k.a. Dos Santos - Artist
The artist behind Dos Santos artworks is Vanessa Daly. She is a contemporary abstract artist and Psychologist M.S. based in Fort Worth, Texas. She was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela in 1988. Since her childhood, she has been influenced not only by the Latin American culture but also by her Portuguese and Italian family roots. Her brother and grandfather are also visual artists. She watched them paint and had their artworks around the home, making it colorful and unique. She studied Psychology in Bogotá, Colombia, and got immersed in painting as a therapeutic tool. This changed her life and allowed her to deeply connect with people beyond words. She moved to Fort Worth, Texas, in 2017, and had gained recognition for her emotional abstract art and self-expression workshops. Her paintings represent her emotions as a human, as a woman...
Sophia Ceballos - Artist
Sophia is an artist with a multicultural and multi-continental upbringing. She and her family moved frequently throughout her childhood to places such as Guam, Spain, The Virgin Islands, various cities throughout the east coast and Texas. Her travels and experiences have cultivated an interest in language visuals, environments and pattern. Sophia's practice is a meditation on the intimacies of personal environment and the psychological relationships with those surroundings, which she expresses through the use of mixed mediums, watercolor and acrylic. Through hand generated mark making within confined systems, she romanticizes minutia and detail that her materials possess. She graduated with honors, earning a BFA from The University of Texas at Arlington and lives within the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex.
Ken O'Toole - Wholehearted  
Ken O'Toole - Inklings
"Inklings" are celebrations, concrete caricatures of the great expanse, maps of star fields, brightly colored nebulae and the nurseries of infant stars as they gather their systems to them. Some are simply slices of home. Some are other-worldly. I am grateful for them all. In the last email I told you about my newest body of work, "Inklings." These sculptures evolved from studio experiments. They embody the concept of "thoughts as things". Each one is bent, shaped, twisted, cut and folded. In their most beautiful forms they are much like developing skeletal systems, which cannot stand by themselves for long. They are vulnerable. So, the plexi cubes are sealed to keep the contents safe. This "Inkling" shown is called, "Wholehearted". Please click the image or MORE ARTICLE INFO to see my current newsletter.
Keys No.3  
Greg Bahr - Artist

Greg Bahr is an artist living and working in Fort Worth, Texas. My work explores routine, repetition, and pattern. Using images based on daily repetitive movement, I create work that looks at patterns and routine in human behavior such as those that occur in ones daily tasks, whether its at work, driving, or home. The repetitive and banal nature of most of these tasks allows them to be dismissed in ones overall scope of life, yet account for a large segment of it. Using repetitive, zen-like processes such as screen printing helps to mimic these tasks while transforming their pathways or images visually.

John D Williams - Artist
A SPILT LIFE: When I graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Art from Texas Tech University, I was doing large paintings with squeeze bottles on tarpaper. To work in a smaller studio setting, I began the drawings, using India ink with the ink droppers and my fingers. I had developed my style, looking for a way to be able to draw anything I want, always with a personal edge. The process is fast and I feel myself as a conduit to something beyond myself. The drawings are sometimes planned and sometimes not. I channel the artwork in a manner like the abstract expressionists but ending often with comic imagery. My inner life contains the dark and burlesque. In one sense, the artwork is autobiographical. In another sense, they are meant to stand on their own, connecting my life with that of the viewer in a reactive conversation.
Forecast in the Heavens  
Kate Simon - Artist
As a young artist, I merely portrayed the world as I saw it. Today, I'm privileged to create the change I wish to see in the world. So, when I'm not changing coastal landscapes into vibrant, multi-media textured works or 2D designs, I'm transforming my beliefs with one abstract slathering of paint after another. If that sounds like therapy, that's because it is. I operate from the belief that all creative people hold one thing in common: good or bad, they never stop creating. It's been said "your outer world is a reflection of your inner world." I agree, and it's this inner world I am really working on through the creation process. For me, it's just as effective as meditation. It's when my thoughts are clearest, and I'm most at peace; and ultimately, I hope that's the stuff that lives in the work and is transferred to viewers. This isn't something I've always been intentional about.
palette a few hours in  
Erika Huddleston - Artist
Erika Huddleston is a Texas artist who attended the University of Texas at Austin for a Masters in Landscape Architecture as well as the Parsons School of Design in New York City. She is a contributor to Aether Art Journal and Texas Architect Magazine - writing about the overlap of urban design and fine art. Texas Monthly in Spring 2017 included her in their list of the top ten Texas artists to collect now. Huddleston was selected as a 2015 Hunting Prize finalist. In 2013-2014, she was an artist with bcWORKSHOP for the ten-month public art "Activating Vacancy" project in the Tenth Street Historic District in Dallas - funded partially by the National Endowment for the Arts. She was artist - in-residence with the Shoal Creek Conservancy in Austin in 2014 and her paintings and maps of Waco Creek were shown at the Mayborn Museum, Baylor University.
Gale Johnston - Sun Collage  
Gale Johnston - Artist

Gale's work has been accepted in juried competitions, winning numerous awards from Southwestern Watercolor Society, Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition, Society of Watercolor Artists, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies and National Watercolor Oklahoma. She is a signature member of Southwestern Watercolor Society and Society of Watercolor Artists. Private and corporate collectors across the nation proudly include Gale's paintings. Studio 3908 Lynncrest Drive, Fort Worth, TX, 76109, 817-999-7984

Trumpet Vine  
Camille Gibbons Kerr - Artist
My name is Camille Gibbons Kerr. I am a native Texan. I was born in Dallas, Texas. I graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I live in Fort Worth, Texas with my husband, Michael and our sweet puppy, Topper. We have two grown sons, James and John Michael. I have taught art in public school for many years - every grade but mostly high school. I enjoy teaching young artists of all ages. I try to help them build confidence in themselves and in their work by teaching them skills and introducing them to different kinds of art media and artists. Besides teaching and making my own art, I also love gardening. It is very important to me. One of my most exciting experiences was traveling to see Monet's garden at Giverny in France and to learn how important gardening was to him and to his work.
Phillip A. Ecton  
Phillip A. Ecton - Artist

I am an amateur artist working in Fort Worth. I use non-linear algorithms of my own writing to generate abstract images of varying complexity with some randomness and some of my own input incorporated into the images. I also dabble in painting and drawing. My intention is to allow each viewer to have their own unique interpretation of what is being presented. My hope is that through the viewing of these images, viewers can take away their own ideas and be inspired to create their own media adding to the novel information content of humanity as a whole.

Pink Diamond  
Greg Brown - Artist
Artist Gregory Brown melds Versace ties with dynamic geometric patterns. Gregory emphasizes the art in fashion by breathing a new life in late Gianni Versace's work. With a collection of vintage Versace ties, Gregory expands the creative vision on canvas by spotlighting each Versace piece. "The glamour in fashion ended with Gianni's death in 1997, I wanted to find a way to keep his collection alive," states Gregory. In his free time, Gregory enjoys traveling across Europe, reading historical stories, and being an avid runner. His dynamic artwork has been displayed in American Airlines Admirals Clubs in both Miami and Chicago, the World Trade Center in Dallas, and shown at exhibits in Jerusalem and Paris. Keeping the designs of Gianni Versace alive and making people smile are his motivations.
Allie R Dickerson - Artist
I don't know exactly how clay happened. I had done a little bit of clay work during my time in the MFA program when focusing primarily on paint. But I hadn't touched it since. I think it became interesting again because clay seemed the way to make plants. This moving into clay has become a turning point. I am able to satisfy quite naturally my attachment to order, my love of intricacy and specificity, utilizing the properties that are inherent in clay. Each piece is constructed by hand individually. Sometimes I will just move the clay in my hand and have a leaf. Importance is placed on the form and the process of making. At times as in life, things break, are created by happenstance or... are what they should be. Intuitively, I adhere pieces one at a time to? a board until the work feels complete. I make the shapes in multiples moving from the simple to the more complex.
Untitled Ochre - Oil on Yupo - 10 x 10 inches  
Julie England - Artist
My preference is experience of landscape rather than domestic life. My Landscape @ Elevation body of work combines the memory and feeling of being in space. My artwork includes aerial perspectives of New Mexico and other arid locations. Long discussions with the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum about photographing her sites from the air led to using their 2018 photographs as my inspiration. An aerial view enhances the viewer's awareness of the three dimensions in space. These landscape paintings capture gestures of surfaces and spaces, enabling a sense of movement while standing still. Being outdoors can be a link to childhood. Raised on a rural Wisconsin pine tree farm, I felt trees beckon to me as imaginary childhood friends. My connection to outdoor energy is like being with family.
Road To Damascus  
Kay Wirz - Artist

I believe my art is a combination of my experienced intuition, and my acquired skills, and is a means of self-expression and growth. By using flat, mostly hard-edge areas of color, careful line work and sometimes surface patterns and textures, I develop the form of my subject matter. I'm constantly intrigued by the endless substance and variety to be found in subtle color and shape relationships. The result is a combination of representational and abstract images. When asked to describe my work, the best answer is that I paint in "designed realism" or a "readable abstract" style.

Jessica Fuentes  
Jessica Fuentes - Artist, Educator, Community Advocate
A longtime Fort Worth resident, Jessica Fuentes has exhibited her work locally for over a decade and is a former member of the F6 Gallery Collective and 500x gallery. During the 2019-2020 academic year, she was an Artist-in-Residence at Tarrant County College South Campus. As an art educator with nearly 15 years of experience, Jessica has taught in the classroom, in higher education, and worked at the Dallas Museum of Art as Manager of Gallery Interpretation & the Center for Creative Connections and at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art as Manager of School & Community Outreach. Jessica was instrumental in the development of the C3 Visiting Artist Project and the Carter Community Artists initiative. She has collaborated with cross-departmental teams; supervised staff, interns, and volunteers;
Maegan Kirschner  
Maegan Kirschner - Artist, Director, Curator
Maegan Kirschner is a mixed media artist whose work continues to inspire and amaze as she challenges herself to explore art as a bridge across the gaps in our society (gender, race, sexuality, economic inequality, and other social issues) in addition to the expression of emotion through the use of organic shapes and vibrant colors. Maegan's work has been featured in more than 55 art exhibits between March 2017 and January 2020. Two of those shows (2017 and 2018) have been with the AASH - Arcadia Art Show in Tyler Texas. The third international art show that Maegan's work has been featured in is The Biennial Project Biennial 2019 at the Venice Biennale. While exhibiting her work regionally and around the world Maegan also manages her own art studio, AMK Studio, and The Artist's Story Gallery.
Ziesook You  
Ziesook You - Scent of Broq-pa
Ziesook You has been experimenting with a variety of genres such as photography, video, installation, and painting. She portrays her surroundings and daily life in a bold, unaffected video language. Her pieces include the video diary of her family using time flowing methods, a documentary film taken in various world travel sites depicting space and time, and 10 Years Self-Portrait using time compression techniques. She has exhibited Korea, Australia, Iceland, Taiwan, Hungary, Japan, France, the Netherlands and the United States. Since 2016, she has been working on the "Scent of Broq-pa" project, which expresses happiness through the coexistence of humans and nature, with people from various walks of life and has been exhibiting it in Korea, Hong Kong and the United States.
John Storm  
John Storm - Artist And Educator
John Storm creates a magpie collection of bits and pieces of daily life, artistic influences, and memories. He embraces a playfulness, openness, and serendipity in the moment of creating. The influence of outsider art, wabi-sabi, imperfection and street art, fuel John's quest for a pure child-like freedom of expression. John's drawings, paintings and collage work embody his vibrant creative approach which sees everything as possible artistic inspiration. The imagery, symbolism, and color palette of his work take the viewer on a visual journey to experience their own memories and reference points. John ultimately wants the viewer to experience an echo of the joy he feels during the moment of creation. When not creating or teaching, he can be found spending time with his two sons or losing a game of chess to his beautiful wife.
An Intellectual Pursuit  48 x 48 x 2 Mixed Media on Canvas  
Lee Lee Brazeal - Artist, Director, Illustrator
Lee Lee Brazeal moved to Houston, Texas in 1980, after growing up studying art on the east coast. She calls Houston home even though she was actually born in Jackson, Tenn. She studied design and advertising in North Carolina then studied art, design and Illustration at the School of Visual Arts, New York City. After Leaving New York she worked as an Art Director for eight years, Then turned to illustration and worked as a national illustrator for ten years. She had a very successful career as an illustrator and won many prestigious awards. In 1991 she and her husband started a gate company designing custom art gates for big ranches, subdivisions, and businesses. Her company is still alive and her designs have proven to be innovative and ground breaking. Commercial illustration and design did not keep her from pursuing her painting privately.
Armando Sebastian - My Yin Yang  
Armando Sebastian - Artist
Armando Sebastian was born and raised in Monterrey Mexico. At an early age he became interested in theater, fashion and designed costumes for plays. Later he discovered his need to express himself and his passion for Art which led him to paint. It was during this period that he realized his talent was innate. In 2004 Sebastian moved to the city of Dallas,TX. Here is where he formally decided to start his career as an Artist. Sebastian's work has been part of exhibitions throughout the years. He has been featured in “the Dallas Morning News” and “Studio Visit Magazine” among others publications. In 2016 his work was recognized with the “Artistic Merit Award”, (granted by the Artspace Gallery111) in it's Fourth Annual Regional Juried edition in Fort Worth, TX. In the summer of 2018 he was part of the statewide traveling show “MariconX”, and the New Texas Talent show.
Safety Blanket  
Justin Burns - All That's Left
Justin grew up in Farmers Branch, Texas and studied close to home at the University of North Texas. He earned his BFA focusing on Studio Drawing and Painting in 2013 and currently is an art educator in Tarrant County and a Golden Working Artist for Golden Artist Colors. While Justin was achieving his degree, between 2008 - 2011 he and his twin brother Jonathan were signed to Island/Def Jam/Mercury Records and traveled the United States. After his music endeavours, Justin focused back at home and began to take interest in the Burns family farm which was established in 1914 and the surrounding community of Kopperl, TX. After seeing all that's left of Kopperl, Justin wanted to visually showcase the beauty of the decay of this small town. Eventually these spaces will disappear and will become a distant memory of a time of how things used to be along with the people...
Dan Jian  
Dan Jian - Landscape As A Motif
My work explores landscape as a motif and metaphor that conveys a depth of meaning through the reductive representation of form. As an immigrant, I find landscape acquires meaning through memories. Through reflection and recollection, we are the subjects overwriting a landscape's original narrative while holding the potential of all future memory. The current work draws pictorial references from Buddhist mural painting in Tang dynasty caves, China (Mogao Caves at Dunhuang), in which stories and narratives are constantly shifting due to the flattened and sometimes ambiguous background. Examining this characteristic, I explore shifts in meaning by re-contextualizing familiar traditional painting motifs and making new points of connection between people, places, and narrative. Working with oil on paper, I blend quotidian environs with non sequitur images to capture...
The Trampoline  
Lindy Chambers - Magical Events
Only if you're interested
There has never been a time I have not held a paint brush. My life has always been about art. Although I have painted in many styles, used many techniques and mediums, my mature art is landscape and oil paint. There has been many contemporary artists that have influenced me, throughout my life, never to copy or emulate them, but in a subconscious manner, more like tea, steeping in a pot. Sometimes these influences come out in my own work as color or composition, or how I take a new perspective on an old subject. Painting changes as you grow, and this change though sometimes painful is good, it keeps you fresh and interested.
---- Lindy Chambers
The Identical Moment  
Peter Harrington - Kabuki Imagist
An aesthetic influence for me has been with the Imagist School of Chicago, however my work has taken its own path into uncharted territory. My paintings are a kind of Kabuki of forms, often have a totemic, iconic expression. An unlikely, but inevitable, intersection of elements from primitive nature and the human presence, toward a philosophical whole. Artist friends have commented on the humor and inventiveness of the way things are put together, pointing to the pure ideas behind the resolved work. Some years spent living in Zen Monastic communities and solitary retreats in the wilderness have also lent a certain feeling of relatedness to the natural world and the paintings have since been marked by these experiences. Works by Peter Harrington now showing at the Frost Gallery.
Screech Owl Eggs in a Basquet  
Lee Albert Hill - A Texas Original
Lee Albert Hill uses a painting technique that combines foregrounds of hard-edged geometric mark-making with informal assemblages of composition and background. His lush application of paint is used for specific effects of color and rich textural results. Upon closer inspection, each piece reveals a sense of symbiology and written language imparting a quality of inscribed time and permanence. Personal and full of eccentricities, his paintings promote a meditative response synonymous with the best of abstract painting today. Born in Dallas, TX in 1963, Hill has been a Texas based painter for more than 20 years. His work is represented by the CAMIBAart Gallery and Cufflink Art in Texas and can be found in private and public collections such as American Airlines, Austin Texas Developer Riverside Resources, NYC based Loews Hotels, The Marriott Corporation...
Layla Luna - The Jane Series
It was a summer afternoon and we sat cross-legged in the dirt making mud pies. I used pine needles to decorate the top of mine. I don't remember the details of my cousin's pie, I only remember that she was happily chattering away about important kid things. And we sat like that knowing with every ounce of confidence that we were making mud pies exactly right. The Jane Series is a body of work inspired by the pure joy and freedom in which those little girls created with abandon. It is about reclaiming the courage to make by looking inward instead of accepting the expectations of worth and success that we are inundated with on a daily basis. It is reconfiguring the massive amounts of information our society feeds us into something simple and orderly. Jane is a common name in my small family.
Keith Thomson  
Keith Thomson - Artist - Potter
The first time I touched clay at art school, I was drawn to its unlimited potential of design and workability in realizing my creative ideas. Clay from the earth, water, air and fire are the essential elements which must be harmonized to create a ceramic form. Whether it is a functional bowl, made on the wheel, an abstract sculpture using extrusions, hand built with slabs or cast in a mold, all the basic elements are the same. The clay needs water to make it workable, air for drying and fire to make it permanent. After that, the limitations are only out with your creative imagination. My studio is always open. You can come watch me work or get your hands in some clay. Experienced or beginner, young or old, anyone can come to The Firehouse Pottery and experience the creative and magical powers of clay.
Olivia Saldívar  
Olivia Saldívar - Artist - Printmaker - Painter
I carve prints which portray the ennui and mystery of the southwestern landscape. Carving relief prints and painting offers a textural immediacy to the known and the unknown of our land. It is vital to document these mysteries and offer context as to what it means to live in the borderlands of the west in our day and age. Documenting the quiet beauty of the southwestern landscape has long been a theme in my work as stories and shapes unfold and transform in the bright sun. Sometimes resulting in minimalist landscapes. Other times resulting in portraiture. People are constructed within the frame, looking out, watching and waiting to discover their next course of action. This individualization within the tableau gives pause to and silence from one to another. In the end there is hope in the silence and in that contemplation.
Robert L Berry  
Robert L Berry - Jazz Art Boutique
I have always dreamed of being a professional artist and I began expressing myself through drawings at an early age. The teachers would let me draw the display for Christmas on the blackboard. I never lost my passion for art. My work is rich, colorful, and has bold textures. I believe that in the quest for individuality, art is the highest expression of "Human Victory". In the final analysis, it does not matter how the world perceives your art, it only matters how your art perceives the world. I paint using acrylic paint and cerne relief outliner paint on canvas and bisque ceramic tiles. My creations are a combination of Jazz and Art in an "Improvisational Contemporary Style". Journey with me through a "Rainbow of Explicit Color on Canvas". The Creations contained on the site are all originals using acrylic and cerne relief outliner paint on canvas and ceramic tiles, and paper.
Rebecca Low  
Rebecca Low - She Creates What She Sees

Rebecca's art is very diverse. She creates what she sees. When Rebecca looks at, what many people call junk, she may see all kinds of things - it's very much like seeing faces or objects or landscapes in the clouds. Empty space is filled when Rebecca sees it. Then she either takes found objects, or raw metal, or both and often combines them with paint, water, rock, glass, fire or any other material to help her create her vision. Rebecca's attempt is not to try and control - but to let the visions and materials control themselves, her work and her. Most of Rebecca's art is just for fun and rarely philosophical. It tends to either appear off balance (a little like the artist) or it has motion or both. Rebecca will often use wind, water and/or fire to enhance her sculptures.
Julie Lazarus  
Julie Lazarus - Acqua Alta

Most of my new work is a result of my travels to Italy over the past seven years. My observations of the amazing light reflected off the water and buildings of Venice and Murano has been an inspiration for my work. My newest works, however, are inspired by the intriguing floral growth of the trumpet vines and the grapevines that grow in abundance throughout Venice, and by the tree limbs that appear to frame the vistas of the landscape. During my visits to the Veneto, I sit beneath the arbors, surrounded by the flowering vines and sketch my surroundings. These influences become the shapes and colors for my paintings and for my blown glass produced during my visits to Murano.
Consciousness - 40x40 Acrylic and Oil on Wood Panel  
Sharon Grimes - Consciousness

Sharon Grimes of Longview, TX, is a self-taught contemporary abstract artist whose art is expressed with vivid colors and vibrant energy in all of its textures and layers. The thoughts and awarenesses that I have while working are always interesting to me. Sometimes the act of painting reaches deep into my soul and prompts me to think of things that I wouldn't normally give a lot of thought. As I worked on this piece I started to feel enveloped and warmed by it. I used the lines to indicate different levels of awareness, building up to a crescendo of light. When I started to become conscious of the light, I wondered if the awarenesses that I develop are limited to humans or if the earth itself is aware, in much the same way that we are.
Ariel Davis is an artist living and working in Fort Worth  
Ariel Davis - Artist, Gallery Manager, Arts Organizer, And Curator

Ariel Davis is an artist living and working in Fort Worth, Texas. Her work reflects on humanity, relationships, and time, in the form of stylized figurative paintings. In her work you can find the idea of relationships at the core, that play with symbolism in telling a story. In preparation of creating a painting, she employs the process of photography, collage, and digital manipulation to create a unique source image, or she works from life. Many times she will engage individuals in the community to collaborate with her as subjects in her work. Capturing and portraying the energy and mood of a scene, group or individual is more important then the details, which is defined by her loose style and use of bold color.
Gwen Meharg - Like the Sky 48 x 48  
Gwen Meharg - Marking Time Series

Exhibition on Display: 2019- 2020
Nine Marking Time paintings can be seen at Crittenden the Studio 299-101 St. Louis Ave., Fort Worth, Texas, 76104 Due to CV19 complications call the gallerist, George Crittenden, at 917-514-9715 to ask when you can see the art. Call me at 817 832 6952 and I will meet you there if I can. Do artist brains work differently? I don't think so, but I one have experience with the one brain. A psychiatrist friend of mine disagrees. She tells me I see the world in a unique way. As an experiment, join me for a walk through of the coalescence of my painting series, Marking Time.