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Amphibian Stage Productions - Packrat
PACKRAT will stream at 8pm via Vimeo on March 12th & 13th.
Set deep in the Sagebrush Desert, PACKRAT is a visually stunning puppet-forward play that contemplates humanity’s relationship with the natural world. Puppetry, projections and an original score elegantly come together to create many layers of meaning and emotions. At the center of the action is Bud, a peculiar rodent with a penchant for hoarding humankind’s goods. When a discarded cigar sparks a wildfire, the animals in Bud’s valley flee for their lives. Already an outcast among the desert animals for his hoarding instincts, he gets blamed for the human-made disasters infiltrating their lives. When they ban him from the community, Bud must set out alone amidst a raging fire, to confront human-made dangers and a few natural ones.
Original Work Series  
FW Community Arts Center - Original Work Series for 2021

The Fort Worth Community Arts Center is proud to announce the Original Works Series' submitted selections for the Original Work Series for 2021! The Fort Worth Community Arts Center presents the Original Work Series, a theatrical program that provides an outlet for emerging playwrights to showcase their work and have the opportunity to see their play produced on a professional level. A panel of theatre professionals reviews all submissions and selects works to receive staged readings. From these readings, one script will be selected to receive full production for presentation in the fall in the Hardy and Betty Sanders Theatre. Selected work will be presented a royalty and the playwright will take part in the rehearsals and the development of their work.
In Search of the Sublime  
Stage West - In Search of the Sublime
An online, interactive performance. With jokes. Plays Feb 23 - Mar 21, 2021
You're on the run, you're chasing a feeling - any feeling. You stop to catch your breath. Suddenly, you are on a stage in a body that looks exactly like and nothing like your own. You are surrounded by four peculiar strangers and a cheeky announcer who are trying to conjure something...monumental. And they can't do it without you. Using suggestions from the online audience, the cleansing power of running, and some truly excellent music, you join in weaving together tales of terror and awe in a concerted effort to achieve The Sublime. Part-poem, part-story, part-something else altogether, this interactive live-online experience asks one question - can you feel it?
Circle Theatre  
Circle Theatre - The Artist's Way
February 1st until April 19th
Let's start 2021 together. After a difficult year - whose remnants aren't quite as far behind us as we had hoped - we are all feeling a little rusty and a little stuck. Let's change that. On Monday, February 1st until April 19th we will read and work through Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way together. One chapter each week. We will meet for a virtual check-in on Mondays to discuss any discoveries, challenges, and experiences. This safe space will serve as an accountability and inspiration group. Class size is limited to 20. Our aim is to reconnect and unblock our creative selves through a disciplined track of exploration and growth. This guide challenges us to re-inspire and redicipline our creative selves.
Casa Mañana  
Casa Mañana - Greater Tuna

Performance: March 25 - April 04, 2021

For more than 30 years the denizens of Tuna, the third smallest town in the great state of Texas, have been making us laugh and cry in this hilarious comedy of small town morals and more. Come visit your favorite Tuna characters: Arles Struvie, Thurston Wheelis, Didi Snavely, the whole Bumiller family, Aunt Pearl and of course everyone's favorite neighbor, Vera Carp. If you haven't seen Greater Tuna, then this is your chance! This show has mature subject matter and is not suitable for all audiences.
HooDoo Love by Katori Hall  
Jubilee Theatre - HooDoo Love

Performance: Streaming January 29th - February 28th

By: Katori Hall
A tale of love, magic, jealousy, and secrets. Toulou escapes the depression era Mississippi cotton fields with the wide eyes dreams of becoming a blues singer. Danger, hope, and desire follow closely behind as she falls for the womanizing Ace of Spades. When her past comes calling, to what length will she go to cast her spell and claim her heart's desire?
In The Box Entertainment, the World's First Season of Interactive Virtual Experiences  
Mystery in a Box - Manhunt
Performances: Jan 12, 2021 - Jan 23, 2021
You buy a ticket. You're delivered a box. Inside the box, you find a variety of objects, along with an invitation beckoning you to solve a mysterious puzzle. You accept the invitation, and are connected online to a detective who needs the clues in your box to start connecting the pieces but the pieces to what? As the plot unfolds into a night of twists and turns - along with virtual live performances that plunge you deeper into a world of noir and intrigue - you realize this is about much more than random items in a box. You begin to wonder: in this virtual game of cat and mouse... who's chasing who? And why is one of your objects a clock that's slowly counting down? And perhaps most importantly of all what happens when it hits zero?