John Quincy Adams


Stage West - JQA

By Aaron Posner

Performance: October 7 - October 31, 2021

What could it have been like to be the son of a Founding Father, later to become President himself, who interacted with so many of this country's movers and shakers? Aaron Posner tackles this question with wit and intelligence in his play JQA, which he subtitles "A Series of Fictitious Encounters Between John Quincy Adams & Sundry Family Members & Political Associates on the Subjects of Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of a More Rational Relationship with Government." Stage West will present this timely, entertaining and highly theatrical piece in a regional premiere, from October 7 through 31 in its new Evelyn Wheeler Swenson Theatre.

John Quincy Adams: son of the second President, promising diplomat, one-term senator, Secretary of State, 6th President, member of the House of Representatives. We meet him first in 1776 as a child, having a conversation with his father which is both intimidating and enlightening. The play then moves through a kaleidoscope of conversations with various historical figures at critical points during JQA's life. Did they happen? Maybe...maybe not. Posner points out that "the play is not historically accurate, but it is largely historically feasible... The goal has never been historical accuracy, but rather evocation, provocation, and prompting discussion about where we are now and maybe a bit about how we got here." Provocative and patriotic, this play will make audiences laugh and think, as it shines a very modern spotlight on the early days of the evolving American experiment.

Due to the rise of the Covid Delta variant, Stage West is requiring that all audience members wear masks other than while eating or drinking. Two sections of the theatre have been set up to allow for distanced seating, should patrons prefer. Additional information about Stage West's Covid protocols can be found on the website. Patrons not yet feeling safe about returning to live theatre will be able to stream the production beginning Thursday, October 14.

Aaron Posner is a Helen Hayes and Barrymore Award-winning director and playwright. He is a founder and former Artistic Director of Philadelphia's Arden Theatre, is an Associate Artist at both the Folger Theatre and Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, and has directed at major regional theatres from coast to coast. His adaptations include Chaim Potok's The Chosen and My Name Is Asher Lev (both of which have enjoyed successful runs at more than 50 other theatres across the country), as well as his Chekov adaptations Life Sucks and Stupid Fucking Bird (both produced in recent seasons at Stage West). Posner was raised in Eugene, Oregon, graduated from Northwestern University, is an Eisenhower Fellow, and lives near Washington, DC.

JQA will be directed by Emily Scott Banks, who last directed Stage West's Ada and the Engine, as well as its two previous Posner productions. The cast features Shyama Nithiananda, seen in Stage West's presentation of Moonrise Initiative's In Search of the Sublime, Randy Pearlman, recently seen in the Theatre Three production of The Music Man, Nancy Sherrard, previously at Stage West in Major Barbara and The Code of the Woosters, and J. R. Bradford, most recently seen in the Jubilee Theatre production of To Be Young, Gifted and Black, making his Stage West debut. Cast members will play multiple roles, with all four playing Adams at different points. Tiffany Cromwell will serve as Production Stage Manager, with set design by Ian Loveall, costume design by Aaron Patrick DeClerk, lighting design by JoJo Percy, sound design by Ryan Joyner, and props by Lynn Lovett.

JQA will preview Thursday, October 7 at 7:30 and Friday, October 8 at 8:00, and will run through Sunday, October 31. There will be no opening night reception for this show due to Covid; we hope to resume those on the next show. Performance times will be Thursday evenings at 7:30, Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:00, with Sunday matinees at 3:00. The show will be interpreted for the hearing-impaired on Sunday, October 24.

Post show conversations will follow the performances on Saturday, October 16 and Sunday, October 31. Stage West will also offer a Safe Sunday, October 17, with proof of vaccination required.

Ticket prices for the new season are $40 on Thursdays and Fridays, and $45 on Saturdays and Sundays, with $20 tickets for the two preview performances. Food service is available 90 minutes prior to performances (reservations are advised). Reservations and information are available through the Box Office (817-784-9378), or on the website, The play runs about 90 minutes without intermission, and is rated PG-13 for language

"Ambitious, delightful...something that will linger in minds long after the lights have lifted, much like any presidential legacy" - BroadwayWorld



Stage West is excited to be able to announce the lineup for its 43rd season! The new season will feature seven shows, two of which will overlap. Three will be presented in the brand-new Evelyn Wheeler Swenson Theatre ("The Evie"), while four will happen in the renovated Jerry Russell Theatre. The Evie is a flexible black box space, and the seating configuration will vary from show to show; the Russell remains a proscenium venue. It's a thrilling mix of delightful comedies, riveting dramas, fascinating historical tales, and more: three 41st season shows which could not be produced due to the pandemic, and four more which have been on our short list for the past year. Here's the lineup:


by Aaron Posner
October 7 - October 31, 2021

Regional Premiere - Swenson Theatre

Come see the face of the country change. John Quincy Adams lived his life backwards: brilliant diplomat in his youth, fervent congressman as a man, ineffectual president in his prime. This unique and timely play imagines a kaleidoscope of confrontations between JQA and some of his key contemporaries. At once provocative and patriotic, this power play challenges the way we think of our country and shines a curious spotlight on the American experiment as it continues to evolve.

"Ambitious, delightful...something that will linger in minds long after the lights have lifted, much like any presidential legacy" - BroadwayWorld


Scrooge in Rouge
Book and Lyrics by Ricky Graham
December 2 - December 24, 2021

Additional Material by Jeffery Roberson
Other Interesting Bits by Yvette Hargis
Original Music Composed by Jefferson Turner
Regional Premiere - Russell Theatre
An English Music Hall Christmas Carol

A 'spirited' holiday comedy that's sure to make you blush. The Royal Music Hall Variety Players' production of A Christmas Carol is in a pickle after twenty members of the company suddenly fall ill. This leaves the three remaining members to plow on (so to speak) through a musical performance of the Dickens classic. Expect missed cues, unfamiliar characters, and costume mishaps aplenty. With cheeky puns and bawdy songs, this quick-change, cross-dressing version of the Christmas tale is a hilarious holiday treat!

"Merry mayhem, the height of hilarity, the silliest of spoofs" - GMToday


Church & State
by Jason Odell Williams
January 27 - February 20, 2022

Regional Premiere - Russell Theatre

You want to talk about the separation of what now? Three days before his bid for re-election - in the wake of another school shooting - a U.S. Senator has a life-altering crisis of faith, triggering an off-the-cuff comment which sends the entire campaign into a tailspin. His wife and campaign manager try to contain the damage, but in a country where religion influences politics and politics have become a religion, how do you reach the people and stay true to yourself? A timely and fast-paced story that is simultaneously funny, heartbreaking, and uplifting.

"Crackling...enjoyable, thought-provoking, and humorous. I wish every member of Congress would see it!" -NPR


On the Exhale
by Martin Zimmerman
February 3 - 20, 2022

Regional Premiere - Swenson Theatre

If tragedy strikes, take a breath and get a grip. When a senseless act of violence changes her life forever, a college professor finds herself inexplicably drawn to the very weapon used to perpetrate the crime - and to the irresistible feeling of power that comes from holding life and death in her hands. Peering down the barrel of a uniquely American crisis, this perspective-bending, one-woman tour de force intimately examines our collective grief over a national epidemic that we all want to end.

"Mesmerizing, gripping in its economy and hits home like a bullet" - The Guardian


by Jen Silverman
March 17 - April 10, 2022

Regional Premiere - Russell Theatre
Play with fire and you might get burned. Mischief lurks in the sleepy village of Edmonton, as a slick young devil arrives in search of a few fresh souls. As the townsfolk reveal their deepest secrets and desires, bargains are struck, tables are turned, and an outcast woman living at the edge of the village proves to be much more than she seems. This inventive and fiendishly funny tale reminds you to be careful what you wish for.

"Devilishly clever, deliciously laugh-packed" - StageSceneLA


Into the Breeches!
by George Brant
June 9 - July 3, 2022

Regional Premiere - Swenson Theatre
When the gents are away, the ladies will play. It's 1942, and there's a problem at Oberon Playhouse - with the director and leading men all off at war, it looks like the season will be canceled. That is until a determined and passionate group of ladies rally the troops at home and set out to put on an all-female production of Shakespeare's Henry V. An increasingly unexpected team is assembled, with a hilariously desperate array of thoughts and ideas, but united in desire. This delightful and moving backstage comedy examines the power of art to bring us together, even in the hardest of times.

"Brilliant...fresh, witty and thoughtful...a total triumph." - Montgomery Advertiser


Between Riverside and Crazy
by Stephen Adly-Guirgis
August 18 - September 11, 2022

Pulitzer Prize Winner - Russell Theatre
Nothing is as it seems in the house of Black and Blue. Irrepressible ex-cop and recent widower Walter Washington is under a lot of pressure. He's in an ongoing legal battle, clinging desperately to grievances from the past. Barely holding on to the palatial rent-controlled Manhattan apartment that he shares with his newly paroled son and a ragtag surrogate family who call him "Pops", he is not ready to accept payout or surrender. But as tensions come to a head in a swirl of demands from family and friends, a final ultimatum from former NYPD colleagues causes "Pops" to draw the line and make some demands of his own.

"Dizzying...both utterly believable and not to be believed for a second." - The New York Times


Season tickets will go on sale June 28, and will include the Bargain Season Ticket (good on Thursdays only) at $154 each, the Standard Season Ticket at $231 each, the Premium Season Ticket (which includes several great additional perks) at $351 each, and the Select 4 Season Ticket (patrons choose 4 shows from the list) $136 each. For more information, call Stage West at (817) 784-9378. Tickets and information will be available by June 28 online at


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