In Search of the Sublime

(L to R)  Mitchell Stephens, Garret Storms, Victoria
A. Cruz, Shyama Nithiananda, Galen Sho Sato, Olivia de Guzman, Kelsey Milbourn

(L to R) Mitchell Stephens, Garret Storms, Victoria A. Cruz, Shyama Nithiananda, Galen Sho Sato, Olivia de Guzman, Kelsey Milbourn

Evan Michael Woods

Stage West - In Search of the Sublime

Plays Feb 23 - Mar 21, 2021


Stage West to present new Moonrise Initiative piece, In Search of the Sublime

You’re on the run; you’re chasing a feeling - any feeling. You stop to catch your breath. Suddenly, you are on a stage, surrounded by four peculiar strangers and a cheeky announcer who are trying to conjure something...monumental. And they can’t do it without you. Stage West is pleased to present Moonrise Initiative’s utterly unique, online, interactive production of In Search of The Sublime, from February 23 through March 21.

You know those thrilling, perspective-bending experiences that leave you changed - the ones that clarify your mortality in the most profound and beautiful ways? Gather a collection of those. Then mix in movement, laughter, and suggestions from the online audience. Finally, add some truly excellent music, and join in as five performers weave together tales of humor, terror, and awe in a concerted effort to achieve The Sublime. Part-poem, part-story, part-something else altogether, this interactive live-online piece asks one question -- can you feel it?

Moonrise Initiative is a new endeavor which aims to provide innovative ensemble-based movement performance that seeks to offer solace, wonder, and escape. Their intent is to 1) advocate for bravery and inquiry by creating art that is relevant and celebrates the diversity that makes our world dimensional and whole, 2) galvanize artists and audiences by fostering an imaginative and accessible exchange of ideas that illuminate our shared humanity, and 3) pursue the craft of storytelling with integrity and curiosity by prioritizing safety, nurturing exploration, and encouraging quality and excellence.

In Search of the Sublime is written and directed by Kara-Lynn Vaeni, and produced by Moonrise Initiative. The elements of the piece were created by the cast: Victoria A. Cruz, Olivia de Guzman, Kelsey Milbourn, Shyama Nithiananda, Galen Sho Sato, Mitchell Stephens and Garret Storms. Set design is by Allen Dean, costume design by Yvonne Johnson, sound design by Kellen Voss, and lighting design by Bryan Stevenson, with animations by Evan Michael Woods, Karry, Liu, and Jen Schultes, and videography by Richard Massey.

The Sublime will be live-streamed Thursday at 7:30, Friday/Saturday at 8:00, and Sunday at 3:00; the show will run a little under an hour. Special preview performances will be Tuesday, February 23 and Wednesday, February 24, with the regular run Thursday, February 25 through Sunday, March 21. Streaming is $20 for each individual. A code for viewing will be sent to patrons an hour before performance on the day they choose to see. Patrons are encouraged to visit the FAQ page for the show at for viewing and participation recommendations. Patrons should also visit the website at for an optional list of items to gather to enhance their experience.

Using suggestions from the online audience, the cleansing power of running, and some truly excellent music, you join in weaving together tales of terror and awe in a concerted effort to achieve The Sublime. Part-poem, part-story, part-something else altogether, this interactive live-online experience asks one question - can you feel it?

NOTE: A list of objects to bring with you on your search for the sublime (Not strictly required, but definitely experience-enhancing)
  • A small stone. Orange if you can find it!
  • Your favorite beverage to order in a bar.---three little ones, or one big one.
  • An object that could not sustain your life, but that makes you happy every time you look at it
  • A mug or bowl of ice cubes and a small towel
  • An object that feels like home

Plays Feb 23-Mar 21.

In Search of the Sublime is presented virtually. Please purchase a ticket for each individual who will be viewing the performance.

Written and directed by:
Kara-Lynn Vaeni

Created by:
Victoria Cruz
Olivia de Guzman
Kelsey Milbourn
Shyama Nithiananda
Galen Sho Sato
Mitchell Stephens
Garret Storms


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Bryan Stevenson, Technical Director
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