Keith Thomson

KEITH THOMSON - Artist - Potter

Firehouse Pottery

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Keith Thomson - Artist - Potter

The first time I touched clay at art school, I was drawn to its unlimited potential of design and workability in realizing my creative ideas.

Clay from the earth, water, air and fire are the essential elements which must be harmonized to create a ceramic form. Whether it is a functional bowl, made on the wheel, an abstract sculpture using extrusions, hand built with slabs or cast in a mold, all the basic elements are the same.

The clay needs water to make it workable, air for drying and fire to make it permanent. After that, the limitations are only out with your creative imagination.

My studio is always open. You can come watch me work or get your hands in some clay. Experienced or beginner, young or old, anyone can come to The Firehouse Pottery and experience the creative and magical powers of clay.


The Firehouse is a unique and intimate studio, where you can relax and enjoy the experience of the potters wheel for the first time, with expert instruction, with a friend, family member or partner.

The craft of the pottery wheel in general is very difficult and can be a little intimidating to try for the first time.

I have been teaching the wheel for over 30 years and have found that my private lessons allow for a greater experience. With my one on one instruction, you will succeed first time, creating a simple form and hopefully encouraging you to come back and grow your skills or at least continue to experience the pottery wheel's meditative and therapeutic energy.

? No age limit, but call for more details if age is under 8. The pottery wheel does require a certain amount of physical strength, patience, and instructional focus.The tactile experience is great for younger kids but does require much more hands on help.

Your introductory, pottery lesson experience is a 2 part process.
1. An hour of private instruction allows you to create 2 pieces on the pottery wheel.
2. Those pieces must be dried and bisque fired through the kiln one time. Approx 2 weeks after your wheel lesson you will schedule to come in and creatively glaze your pieces, also about a 1 hour lesson.
Followed by a second kiln firing, your finished pieces will be ready to pick up in about a week.

6 Lesson Package A 6 lesson package provides a discounted rate and allows you an introductory lesson and then the opportunity to advance your creative skills.
? Continuing after 6 lessons Flexible rates for continuing beyond 6 lessons are available per student depending on skill level and your own individual goals.