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Ken O'Toole's recent newsletter arrived with a wonderful story of he and his wife embarking on a project to beautify their front yard:

"This joint effort was initiated to solve a problem; an eyesore that was as painful to walk through as it was to look at. We really did not expect the additional resulting benefits of improved health from working outdoors everyday and the superior nutrition we discovered in leaves of the decorative sweet potatoes we planted.

But, the foremost result we realized as one by one our neighbors made a point of stopping by while we worked in the garden to compliment our efforts. We heard words like 'beautiful,' 'creative,' 'vision,' and most often 'INSPIRING.'

Some neighbors who walked by daily made special trips with their spouses or children, just to point out the areas they liked best.


This has taught me something extremely important about my art, my life and those connected to both. I've been aware of this lesson for some time and meditated on it just as long. I wanted to allow the thought time to crystalize in my mind before sharing. Now it is time.

With few exceptions I can only affect this world in close proximity; where my feet and hands are.

If I am open, willing to listen, learn and act in concert with those close to me that area of effect is enlarged.

If I 'tend my garden' faithfully with consideration for beyond just today, the larger community is served also.

These concentric circles of goodwill spread out with beauty, health, happiness and, of course, Inspirartion.

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His artwork is collected by corporate and private entities across the country, including Findlay Properties Group in Fort Worth, the City of Fort Worth, Texas, and 2Imagine Consulting, Inc. in St. Petersburg, Fl.

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