Julie Lazarus


Acqua Alta Dopo D

Julie Lazarus
Acqua Alta Dopo D, 2020


Julie Lazarus
Venice-Flooding-18A, 2020


Julie Lazarus - Acqua Alta


My painting style is based on the landscape and architecture. Landscape painting must take into account color, form, light and movement. Paintings of architecture or buildings take into account geometric forms and angles. My window lines and forms are found in my glass sculptures and paintings.

Most of my new work is a result of my travels to Italy over the past seven years. My observations of the amazing light reflected off the water and buildings of Venice and Murano has been an inspiration for my work. My newest works, however, are inspired by the intriguing floral growth of the trumpet vines and the grapevines that grow in abundance throughout Venice, and by the tree limbs that appear to frame the vistas of the landscape.

During my visits to the Veneto, I sit beneath the arbors, surrounded by the flowering vines and sketch my surroundings. These influences become the shapes and colors for my paintings and for my blown glass produced during my visits to Murano. Later, these sketches become paintings when I return to my Fort Worth, Texas studio. From the latest sketches, I have created the Giardini series—inspired by Giardini della Biennale translating my sketches of the landscape into abstract work.

The new paintings and the new glass, the Giardini series, contrast colorful spaces within bold black, blue or red lines. The lines become patterns that break the softness of the blue sky above, or the color of a building in the background. The shapes created by the positive and negative spaces become more organic and act as a visual aid to move the viewer's eye across the canvas or around and throughout the glass pieces.


I prefer opaque, light-absorbing surfaces, and I use at least four coats of bright-white gesso on the canvas to achieve this. This enables color to reflect and bounce off the white ground of the canvas. I paint many transparent layers of luminous paint on top of the white ground. In the same way, I layer color throughout my sculptural glass vessels.

I use mostly oil paint on canvas or wood, on handmade Japanese paper and heavyweight French BFK Rives paper. I buy my paint pigments when I travel in Italy and France and also at home in Fort Worth, Texas.