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This Land  
Dale Brock and Visiting Angels Gallery - This Land

Exhibition on Display: May 5 - June 24, 2023 | Works by Texas Artists Coalition Members

Works by Troy Bagwell, Mike Beattie, Fawn Brown, Beverly Dennis, Stephen Evans, Carol Hayman, Makenzie Heinemann, Betsy Horn, Matthew Jones, Ivette Ramos Levy, Bob Lukeman, Edgar Miller, Komal Shah, Melinda Sikes, and Liphus M. Swindall

Bernd Haussmann - Awe  
William Campbell Gallery (4935 Byers Ave) - Awe
Exhibition on Display: March 25 | Works by: Bernd Haussmann
Opening Reception: March 25 from 4 pm - 9 pm
Bernd Haussmann's newest body of work, Awe, From the Nature of Things, consists of 30 works inspired by Nature. Various mixed media including incised and painted aluminum; oil, acrylic and ink on canvas; and watercolor on paper. The collection of work is inspired by nature, in Bernd's words, the meaning of Awe is open, undefined, a moment, he goes on to say, "In ART I focus on the awesome, without ignoring the awful. To be in awe shakes us up." The gallery will host a special closing reception with artist Bernd Haussmann to give a talk on the work.
John Holt Smith  
William Campbell Gallery(217 Foch St) - John Holt Smith Curvature and Flow and Jeff Kellar - Locate
Exhibition on Display: May 5 - June 10, 2023
William Campbell Gallery (WCG) is pleased to announce two new solo exhibitions. Acclaimed Fort Worth artist, John Holt Smith in his exhibition titled: Curvature and Flow; and from Falmouth, Maine, Jeff Kellar. John Holt Smith's exhibition includes over 11 works by the artist of large and small formats in his Oculus series. Jeff Kellar's exhibition, Locate, will include 15 new works of varying colors and dimensions.
Mikey Hernandez  
Fort Worth Gallery - Transcending
Exhibition on Display: March 24 - April 29, 2023 | Works by Mikey Hernandez
I make process driven, large-scale, non-representational works on paper. Because my works are process-driven, discussing the process is essential. I started each piece with a wet-on-wet technique using watercolor, ink, gouache and water to create a pathway of color, forms and textures. When I was finished, I walked away and allowed the pigment to shift, water to evaporate and for the painting to dry. This was exhilarating as I worked with a process that allowed me to have control and relinquish control. When I returned, I decided if the first stage achieved the results I wanted. If it didn't, I put the artwork to the side and started again. Once I achieved the results that I wanted, I responded intuitively to the color and marks made on the paper by using chalk...
Dewane Hughes  
Rebecca Low Sculpture Gallery - Spring Gallery Night - Saturday
Gallery night is our most popular event of the year. Rebecca Low Sculpture Gallery has a diverse collection with over a dozen artists on exhibition. Please join us in welcoming our newest artist, Dewane Hughes. A distinguished professor of sculpture, Dewane's work has always dealt with language. Influenced heavily by the poets of the Beat Generation, as well as subsequent linguistic scholars such as Noam Chomsky and Marshall McLuhan, he tries to create a formal reality that speaks to the essence of communication. He contends that all "art" happens in the space between the object and the viewer. Offering large-to-small-scale pieces, they would be a fabulous addition to any collection. Between new pieces and new artists, this is going to be a spectacular show and we can't wait to share all these exquisite works with you!
Keep Me Close  
Art on the Boulevard - Keep Me Close
Exhibition on Display: Spring Gallery night on March 25, 2023, from 4 – 9 pm
Gloria paints primarily in abstract expressionism, creating beautiful, thoughtful, soulful, and calming work. The majority of work is done in oil and acrylic on canvas, although watercolors on paper are also abundant, along with acrylic on wood panels. Gloria has multiple degrees in Art, and uses the brush, paint, canvas, colors, and paper to express her emotions. Stroll the gallery to visit and enjoy the work of Kay Wirz whose impressionistic, colorful pieces are delightfully playful and invoke smiles and awe, as does as the work of Camille Kerr depictions of nature and everyday events painted in oil acrylic and watercolor. Artist Barry Udoff's abstracts contain small pieces of realism and mystery and are composed of oil on canvas with ground mediums added
Now | Contemporary 2023  
Program Gallery - Now | Contemporary 2023
Exhibition on Display: March 3 – April 1, 2023 | Curated by Caroline Frost
Art Room is thrilled to present compelling work from local, regional, and national artists. This annual juried exhibition displays an exciting range of entries in a variety of mediums, including traditional and experimental drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and three-dimensional pieces. The show runs from March 3, to April 1, 2023. The selected works represent the expansive vernacular that is encompassed within the state of Texas by featuring components of daily life. The exhibition represents the multitude of cultures and lifestyles across the state by displaying commonplace objects and materials, domestic settings and intimate moments, diaristic compositions, and imagery from the mass media.
BNSF Railway Gallery - Reverberation
Exhibition on Display: March 3 - April 29, 2023 | Works by Jay Chung
For five years, I have traveled to refugee camps throughout the world. In each country, the same extreme conditions have forced a new perspective in how I see the human condition and, ultimately, how I reflect on my artwork. Recently my work ruminates on how we can visualize human will and our aspirations and effectively present them. My processes for creating these series of pieces is embodied in meditation, deep rest, focused thought, and integration of quantum mechanics and the resonance of the physicality of our bodies. Take a deeper look. Humans are vibrations, and we respond to the echoes and reverberations and resonate with others. Everything life interacts with sends its seismic waves just by existing.
CTRL+X: Composed/desCompuestos  
Marlene/Spencer Hays Gallery - CTRL+X: Composed/desCompuestos
Exhibition on Display: March 3 - April 29, 2023 | Works by Gil Rocha and Cande Aguilar
CTRL+X is the keyboard shortcut for "cut." In this exhibit, CTRL+X represents artwork with a "rasquache," or DIY aesthetic, common in border, Mexican-American or Chicano working-class communities. The artworks are composed of often scavenged materials and concepts taken from cultural representations of ordinary, everyday objects and people. The artists in this joint exhibition, Gil Rocha and Cande Aguilar, are native to south Texas and have exhibited their artwork widely on the national and international level. Rocha and Aguilar create artworks that give the impression of being improvised, implying an almost-uncomposed (or descompuesto) resolution. Curated by Maritza Bautista
Kaima Akarue, I Wanted To Feel Safe  
Love Texas Art - We Are Here
Exhibition on Display: March 25 - April 23, 2023 | Opening reception: Opening reception: FWADA Spring Gallery Night
Join us for a group exhibition of Texas-based artists who consistently depict the human form in their work. This diverse group of artists address a wide range of topics including identity, narrative, social commentary, figurative realism, documentation, and appropriation, through the use of figures as the subject. Visitors can expect to view paintings, photography, and mixed media works. Featured artists include: Kaima Marie Akurue, Ariel Davis, Niki Dionne, Tyler Germaine, Kyle Hanson, Marshall Harris, Jesse Sierra Hernandez, Nancy Lamb, Sam Rawls, Jana Renee, Raul Rodriguez, Felix Schilling, Kate Stipp, Jess Tedder, and more to be announced.
Tejuola Ori Oke Osin  
Fort Works Art - Michele Tejuola Turner: Lines Of Descent
Exhibition on Display: March 25th - April 29, 2023 | Works By: Michele Tejuola Turner
This is a retrospective with works spanning a period of over four decades and will be an intimate display of around a dozen gourds, each one recounting personal and collective narratives. Lines of Descent opens on Gallery Night, Saturday, March 25, 2023, with a reception from 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Tejuola does not fit into any established categories within the art world. Her chosen media is American gourds and African calabashes, which are carved, and hand-painted with narratives of ancestry relating to the African and African American experience. She elevates this traditional craft above that of just an artisan into one of an artist. This is done through her intricate and sophisticated figuration coupled with design elements that together create a...
Fort Works Art - The Ruins of Burg Worth
Exhibition on Display: March 25 - April 29, 2023 | Works By: Joshua Goode
Goode's first show at the gallery will feature a collection of created artifacts and remnants of an "ancient" past, while incorporating elements of performance art and an interactive installation. This exhibition opens on Gallery Night, Saturday, March 25, 2023. It is a reimagined history of Fort Worth - one where our city sits upon an ancient fortress both destroyed and preserved by the eruption of Eagle Mountain. By creating sarcophagi and various remains reminiscent of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D., Goode creates a new and imagined world that is full of extinct animals, objects, and artifacts. He challenges what we have learned throughout history in his development of these fictitious civilizations. Through his own research of local culture and his...
Voices of 3rd Saturday Art 2023  
Voices of 3rd Saturday Art 2023
Exhibition on Display: March – May, 2023 | Works by artists of "3rd Saturday Art"
3rd Saturday Art is a group of seven local community artists who came together in 2015. The artists differ in backgrounds, professional histories, and artistic goals. Group exhibits are united not by theme but by the community itself and the value placed on creativity. The makers are free to find their own voices on the journey, with the joy of having companions on the way. The result is a vibrant catalog of 2D and 3D works exploring the human condition, the natural world, the connections between those worlds, the sheer joy of color, and the desire to express inner worlds. The group is presenting an exhibition titled, "Voices of 3rd Saturday Art 2023," at the Bernice Coulter Templeton Gallery, Texas Wesleyan University, 1415 E. Vaughn Blvd., Fort Worth, Texas 76105
Something Else: A Retrospective  
Frost Gallery - Something Else: A Retrospective

Exhibition on Display: February 3 - March 25, 2023 | Works by Bill Barter

I make things that I like. After many years of looking at art, contemporary art in particular, I have liked best work which is abstract with little or no recognizable imagery and has "something else" about it, some arrangement of formal qualities that grabs me. I have worked in oil and monotype, now exclusively oil, in a constant attempt to achieve that "something else."

Ed Blackburn - Luncheon on the Grass  
Artspace111 - Western Modernity | Ed and Linda Blackburn
Exhibition on Display: March 25, 2023 – April 29, 2023 | • Opening Reception FWADA Spring Gallery Night, March 25th
The duo spent most of their careers in Fort Worth becoming important fixtures in the North Texas Art Community, advancing the history of contemporary Texas art. In 1962, the pair met in the art department at the University of Texas Austin. After individual stints in New York and Berkeley, California, the two married and drove the extensive drive from California to Fort Worth to teach at the Fort Worth Art Center, later to be called the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Both began teaching figure and portrait painting classes, while Ed was also a part time guard as well as an installation assistant. As the Modern evolved, so did the Blackburn's careers. The two taught, exhibited, and curated all while continuing to paint
Rebecca Low - Triangles  
Shelia and Houston Hill Courtyard Gallery - New Sculptures
The Fort Worth Community Art Center Courtyard Gallery Program is an exhibition initiative in partnership with Fort Worth Public Art with a permanent untitled project by artist Kris Pierce. The plinths, or pedestals, are designed to allow for temporary exhibition of three-dimensional artworks. An extension of the Arts Center's interior galleries, the Sheila and Houston Hill Courtyard Gallery provides a prominent outdoor venue for temporary sculptural artworks in one of the most architecturally significant Cultural Districts in the United States. The Fort Worth Community Arts Center welcomes two distinct emerging artists Jihye Han and Ben Muñoz to the Shelia and Houston Hill Courtyard Gallery. Ben Muñoz's Compacted with Care examines the duality of the Muñoz's life as a husband, father, and artist.
Moon Wobble  
Cufflink Art - possible magic
Exhibition on Display: March 26 through May 21, 2022 | Adam Fung
Adam Fung's exhibition, possible magic, examines how we navigate our trajectory within the Anthropocene's precarious states. Primarily using painting as means to survey the condition of the planet, Fung utilizes an array of research interests that touch upon issues such as eco-anxiety, climate change, the history of landscape imagery, and interconnected systems also known as hyperobjects. Intentionally working with oil paint, these slow moving, layered surfaces are a resistance to the slickness, speed, and expectations of the digital world or media we encounter daily. Each painting is executed with deliberate attention to surface, saturated color pallets, paint application, variety of linen textures, and the use of absorbent or reflective grounds.
Garret Pendergrass Pottery  
Garret Pendergrass Pottery - See What We're Up To Now

Garret Pendergrass Pottery is a fully equipped, fun, family centered, pottery studio in the heart of Fort Worth. Kids and adults of all ages and skill levels are welcome to learn and fall in love with the art of ceramics in my laid back studio. You will quickly see your confidence and skills increase while the clay molds under your hands into unique works of art. If art is your passion and you have an interest in learning the ins and outs of ceramics, feel free to see what classes we have to offer here! We have multiple settings for you to choose from. From group classes to summer camps, I'm sure we have something for you! Done this before? Simply looking to brush up on your skills? We now host Open Studio time on Saturdays.
Adobe Western Art Gallery  
Adobe Western Art Gallery - New In Our Showroom
Monday through Saturday - 10:00am to 6:00pm, Sunday Hours: 11:00am to 5:00pm
At Adobe Western Art Gallery, we carry a wide selection of both traditional and contemporary fine western art, jewelry and furniture. From our large showroom, you can browse our collection of paintings, sculptures, photography, bronzes, prints and Giclees from some of the finest artists producing today. We also offer a full service frame shop with over 40 years of experience in designing and framing artwork and keepsakes. Adobe Western Art Gallery has it's own line of unique, vintage art. These pieces were reproduced by us while upholding the highest standards in printing. You will not find these pieces anywhere else but here. Each piece is printed on the highest quality paper and guaranteed to last for years to come.
Fort Worth Public Art - Flight

The public artwork titled, Flight, by artist Dan Corson and commissioned by the City of Fort Worth through the Fort Worth Public Art program, begins installation today in the new Hemphill Connector in downtown Fort Worth. There will be lane closures from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. in the connector, located between W. Lancaster Avenue at Lamar Street and W. Vickery Boulevard at Hemphill Street, for a few weeks. Corson's design celebrates Fort Worth's aviation history and links the pattern of migrating birds with those of jets in flight formation. Corson also translates the City's "Molly" icon into a contemporary expression of pattern and movement to enhance the experience of traveling through the Hemphill Connector.
SiNaCa Studios School of Glass and Gallery  
Sinaca Studios - Mission Dedicated To Passion
SiNaCa Studios School of Glass and Gallery is dedicated to providing North Texas an opportunity to experience the rich tradition of glass as a creative medium through education, studio and community involvement. Founded by several local glass artists, this new facility is available to everyone. From the beginning student to the professional, who wishes to learn new skills in glassblowing, kiln formed glass, and flame working, or to perfect their current skill level, SiNaCa offers something for everyone. The opening of this glass facility adds another dimension to the rich cultural scene of North Texas. From joint projects working with other non-profits and teaching glass arts in youth programs to community gallery shows in the Metroplex – SiNaCa is forging a new frontier in the local arts scene.
When Air Becomes Sky  
Fort Worth Public Art - When Air Becomes Sky

The Animalis Works team, artists Dharmesh Patel and Autumn Ewalt, was inspired by the revitalization and conservation of Northwest Community Park as an ecosystem. Particularly interested in its reemergence as a stopping point on the migration route of the monarch butterflies, the team designed a series of larger-than-life butterfly sculptures. Each beautiful butterfly sculpture calls to mind this migration, encapsulating the energy and vibrance of nature. Placed along two trails each butterfly appears to have just landed, inviting viewers to interact with the work while exploring the park. The sculptures hold a total of approximately 6500 embedded crystal prisms which are activated by sunlight throughout the day, casting colorful patterns of refracted light