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CRYSTAL WAGNER = Elasticity 2

Elasticity 2

Fort Works Art - Sublime

A Solo Exhibition by Crystal Wagner

Exhibition Dates: July 9th – October 15th, 2022

FORT WORKS ART is pleased to announce artist Crystal Wagner’s second solo exhibition with the gallery: Sublime. Wagner is a full-time interdisciplinary artist whose work builds worlds by incorporating textural materials and the natural movement of our bodies through temporary landscapes. Wagner will be creating a large-scale, site-specific installation for the gallery during her residency, sponsored by Gallery of Dreams. The exhibition opens on Saturday, July 9, 2022, with a reception from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, and will be on display until Saturday, October 15, 2022.

Wagner describes her process as “intuitive and organic”. She walks into a building and simply responds to the architecture and environment that surrounds her. Her utilization of the unique characteristics of each individual area that she works within, guides her through the creation of these new whimsical worlds. These organic structures move through the space with an artificial vibrancy reminiscent of flowers and tropical settings; “a waterfall of color” as described by Pat Hazell in a recent podcast interview with Wagner.

During this interview, Wagner elaborates on her approach stating “Our relationship with the natural world has changed so dramatically that we don’t even understand it anymore. We are losing a sense of this relationship.…because of our technologically driven sense of focus.”. These monumental-scale works reactivate the relationship between our bodies and the natural environment, waking our senses up upon our entrance into this immersive exhibition. This leaves the viewer experiencing grand feelings, similar to the feeling one might get standing next to a giant sequoia tree, as the artist has referenced.

Wagner’s design work is very reminiscent of the Art Deco/Art Nouveau genre, and we can clearly see her influence by Gaudí. These natural movements exist architecturally on the surface. Similar to Gaudí, Wagner comes from a family of craftsmen, where the architectural form is another way of seeing the world, a vision seen in all of her works.

In announcing Sublime, Fort Works Art owner & curator Lauren Saba stated, “Wagner’s understanding of material and color is difficult to match, and her unique way of implementing those visions on large-scale works is what sets her apart as an artist”.

Wagner uses a hybrid approach with the use of both organic and manufactured materials. She uses materials such as chicken wire for the substrate, coupled with kite paper or picnic table covers for the finish out. These materials have traveled all over the world. They have been reused and recycled in various works across the globe. Wagner’s work is an outward expression of herself – joyful, curious, whimsical, and musical.

Gallery of Dreams is excited to bring this installation to life by partnering with local artists in the community. The finished product will be an immersive artistic ecosystem in the heart of Fort Worth’s Cultural District. People of all ages are encouraged to come in and interact with the artwork, as that interaction transforms the art yet again. Wagner’s work is ephemeral, existing only in a fleeting life cycle, and it will be a special gem for our city to experience in every way, and then it will be gone. Don’t miss it! This will be a ticketed event., please find tickets at:

About the artist
Crystal Wagner received her MFA from the University of Tennessee in 2008, her BFA from the Atlanta College of Art in 2004, and her AFA from Keystone College in 2002. After teaching as a college art professor for five years, Crystal left academia to focus exclusively on her studio practice. Wagner’s artwork has been exhibited extensively in the U.S and abroad. Notable commissions include a large-scale installation for the internationally recognized band The Flaming Lips, a large shadow box for GNU - a snowboard company out of Portland, OR, and a large-scale installation piece for NIKE, presented in the Shrine Auditorium for The KOBE X Blackout Experience, and two installations for Viacom, one of which is a 117 ft piece at their headquarters in Times Square. It was featured by the New York Times and was broadcast on national television on VH1's Top 20 Countdown, The United States Embassy. Wagner has also completed a large-scale installation for both Warner Brothers, and the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, CA.

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