Broadway Chapter Art Commission


Near Southside Arts - $2,500 ARTIST COMMISSION

The Near Southside's Art South program, in partnership with property developer Saigebrook Development and O-SDA Industries, is seeking an artist to create a signature artwork for the new Everly Plaza community art space by repurposing an iconic piece of the site’s history - the former landmark sign of Massey’s Restaurant.

The sign has been removed from the pole and the artist is requested to transform the front corrugated plastic panel with raised lettering - reading "Massey’s Restaurant" with subtext "Chicken Fried Steaks" - and surrounding green metal framing into an artwork that will become iconic for the space. The finished piece will hang inside the gallery’s community room on the south wall where artist talks, demonstrations and other events will occur.

Artists who are selected as finalists will be offered a stipend to create a project concept and rendering for the selection committee's review. Artists are able to propose modifying the sign as much or as little as they wish, based on their concept and the limits of the budget. See the selection process, schedule, history of the site and sign, selection committee and more details about this exciting opportunity in the project brief. The project budget is $2,500.

Submit your qualifications by midnight January 14, 2021


Near Southside Arts

Near Southside Arts - Prestigious New Cultural District


What is Near Southside Arts?

It's an experience.

Near Southside Arts is a community-led effort to foster and celebrate the creative assets of Fort Worth’s Near Southside. We are a vibrant and diverse community exploring, discovering and connecting unique and personalized experiences. Our specially-designated ecosystem supports all manners of creative pursuit. Your people are here.

Ignite recognition of Near Southside as the focal point of creativity and cultural expression.

The Near Southside Arts vision – our reason for being – is to be the focal point of creative expression in Fort Worth. It is a highly inspirational and aspirational brand vision, and one that is fitting given the profound impact we are capable of making. As an organization, we believe there is no pursuit more important than this one, because we believe the work we do–now and in the future–assists our artistic community to accomplish this status.

We have set out be recognized as a designated cultural district, but in truth, we always have been!

We want to set our sights on what matters - our people. Here are the goals we're dedicated to achieve:
  • Accelerate economic growth
  • Strengthen and expand our creative class
  • Expand and diversify cultural experiences
  • Strengthen district identity and appeal through placemaking
  • Improve access & mobility
  • Attract local, regional, and national visitors
  • Provide housing for all
  • Preserve and strengthen historic character & cultural heritage
  • Engage the Near Southside community in all initiatives and events
  • Proactively support diversity, equity & inclusion