Fort Worth Public Art - Flight

The public artwork titled, Flight, by artist Dan Corson and commissioned by the City of Fort Worth through the Fort Worth Public Art program, begins installation today in the new Hemphill Connector in downtown Fort Worth. There will be lane closures from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. in the connector, located between W. Lancaster Avenue at Lamar Street and W. Vickery Boulevard at Hemphill Street, for a few weeks.

Corson’s design celebrates Fort Worth’s aviation history and links the pattern of migrating birds with those of jets in flight formation. Corson also translates the City’s “Molly” icon into a contemporary expression of pattern and movement to enhance the experience of traveling through the Hemphill Connector.

Dozens of abstract “longhorn/birds” will resemble a flock flying out from underneath the railroad and interstate bridges that span the connector. Each of these identical components is twelve (12) feet long and made of robust, translucent polyethylene with a frosted white finish. From dusk to dawn they will glow with internal LED lighting which Corson has programmed with sixty (60) variations of colors and patterns that will slowly shift.

On the Downtown side, a free-standing sculpture will feature twenty-eight (28) “longhorn/birds” supported by five (5) painted steel poles, with the tallest thirty-five (35) feet in height. Another thirty-five (35) “longhorn/birds” will be suspended from the I-30 bridge beams with some emerging out from under the connector toward the Near Southside.

In April 2017, Dan Corson notified the City of his retirement from public art and recommended longtime collaborator, KiboWorks to implement Flight on his behalf, which the FWAC approved on April 10, 2017. As of December 2020, fabrication is in final stages with installation planned for early 2021.

About the Artist:

Dan Corson blurs the boundaries between Fine Art, Theatrical Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Science and sometimes even Magic. Corson’s projects have ranged from complex rail stations and busy public intersections to quiet interpretive buildings, meditation chambers and galleries. With a master’s degree in art from the University of Washington and a BA in Theatrical Design from San Diego State University, their work is infused with drama, passion, layered meanings and often engages the public as co-creators within my environments.

About Kiboworks:

Kiboworks products and solutions are created with a masterful skill and attention to detail inspired as much by traditional craftsmanship as by state-of-the-art engineering. This pursuit of perfection is evident at every stage of the projects process. Kiboworks has always pursued a uniquely uncompromising approach to creating unique solutions. One that seeks innovation with a sophisticated


When Air Becomes Sky

Fort Worth Public Art - When Air Becomes Sky

The Animalis Works team, artists Dharmesh Patel and Autumn Ewalt, was inspired by the revitalization and conservation of Northwest Community Park as an ecosystem. Particularly interested in its reemergence as a stopping point on the migration route of the monarch butterflies, the team designed a series of larger-than-life butterfly sculptures. Each beautiful butterfly sculpture calls to mind this migration, encapsulating the energy and vibrance of nature.

Placed along two trails each butterfly appears to have just landed, inviting viewers to interact with the work while exploring the park. The sculptures hold a total of approximately 6500 embedded crystal prisms which are activated by sunlight throughout the day, casting colorful patterns of refracted light on passersby. This alludes to the fluttering of butterfly wings while also providing park patrons a unique experience each time the sculptures are visited.

City of Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price joined hundreds of mayors across the U.S. in support of the monarch butterfly and other pollinators, whose populations have declined, by signing the National Wildlife Federation's Mayors' Monarch Pledge. Just last year, Fort Worth was named a Monarch Butterfly Champion City by the program, one of only four cities in North America who have earned such a distinction. Learn more about the City's continued efforts to support monarchs.

This project was funded by the 2014 bond program. We look forward to dedicating this artwork to the City of Fort Worth later this year.

About the Artists

Animalis Works, LLC is an art and design practice specifically interested in the transformation of public spaces into sites for interaction, reflection, and contemplation. The collective began in 2010 with the mission to create an environment that allows for a synergy of creative forces. The term “animalis” is defined animated or living; Animalis Works seeks to create art that brings these qualities to the people and places that live with their work. The artists' work has been widely collected, and they have completed public installations in New York City, New York; Austin, Texas; and San Antonio, Texas.