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Some Passions

Central Gallery - Some Passions

Exhibition on Display: February 4 - 26, 2022 | Works by Joshua Reiman


Joshua Reiman is a sculptor and filmmaker. His films deal with themes of exploration, artistic expression, race, nature, and contextual inquiry. His short films offer an array of lush landscapes with characters that guide audiences through layered conceptual ideas about art, history, and popular culture.

Within a spatial sculptural practice, I seek to produce thoughtful physical objects, installations, and cinematic experiences that instigate reflective moments for an audience. I work with themes of personal and cultural identity through conceptual and material inquiry. I assess how fictional or historical narratives can frame or scaffold an artwork.

Through experiential learning, my practice stands at a crossroads of theatrical simulation and challenging the assumptions imbued within stereotypes embedded within everyday life. I often use iconic figures from art, history, and politics within to anchor new narratives at the junction of absurdity, where reality and fiction meet. My work involves transforming realities and magical realism into a visual hybridization or synthesis of what is real, fake and imagined.



The mission of Arts Fort Worth, formerly known as the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, is to provide a quality event, visual and performing arts venue for all of the community. This historic and dynamic arts complex boasts seven indoor galleries, an outdoor gallery, artist and performance studios, and office suites nonprofit arts organization, is managed by Arts Fort Worth on behalf of the City of Fort Worth.

Arts Fort Worth also provides educational programming, promotes experienced and emerging artists. Arts Fort Worth's three theater spaces hosts a wide-range of performances by local and nationally known artists and organizations- the Hardy and Betty Sanders black box theater, the traditional William Edrington Scott Theatre, and The Vault, which hosts Fort Worth Fringe acts.


Located at 1300 Gendy Street, Arts Fort Worth is part of the most architecturally significant museum districts in the United States. The striking modern Herbert Bayer building (with a later O’Neil Ford addition) opened to the public in 1954 as home to one of the most prestigious and oldest collecting organizations in the state of Texas, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. When, in 2002, the Modern moved down the street, the Fort Worth Community Arts Center opened. Now known as Arts Fort Worth, the building continues to exhibit world class art and support the performing arts for more than half a century.


Arts Fort Worth provides versatile spaces to meet a variety of rental needs. Whether you require well-lit exhibition areas, unique rooms for meetings, special events, or the comforts of an accessible, professional-quality performance venue, this dynamic arts complex includes the black box Hardy and Betty Sanders Theatre, the William Edrington Scott Theatre, which seats 498 guests, seven galleries, and studio and office spaces, including a conference room overlooking the Cultural District towards downtown. These spaces are adaptable to a wide range of uses, including conventions, special events, weddings, workshops, and theater productions. If you're interested in more details contact us!