C'est La Vie II, 2021, Carly Allen-Martin, Mixed media on paper in acylic, 42 x 58

Carly Allen-Martin
C'est La Vie II, 2021
Mixed media on paper in acylic, 42 x 58

Compelling Embedded Emergence

Jim Woodson,
Compelling Embedded Emergence, 2020
Oil on Canvas, 36 x 48

Two Souls, One Life

Carly Allen-Martin
Two Souls, One Life, 2021
Mixed Media on Panel, 60 x 36

Artspace111 - A Space Between Time

Exhibition on Display: March 27, 2021 - May 8, 2021

Carly Allen-Martin and Jim Woodson

Artspace111 is pleased to present the two-person exhibition, A Space Between Time, featuring new large-scale artwork by Carly Allen–Martin and Jim Woodson. This exhibition underscores the mutual transference of creativity and inspiration that is inherent to the teacher/student relationship. As a professor of art at Texas Christian University for 39 years, Jim Woodson created a path for young artists through technical training, spiritual guidance, and by the example of a prolific career which includes being honored as the Texas State Visual Artist. As Woodson’s student, Carly Allen-Martin used these tools to further develop a path that Woodson pioneered, resulting in her own prolific practice that is esteemed in private collections across the world. A Space Between Time conveys the cultivation of techniques, ideals, correlations and juxtapositions of teaching and discovery.

Jim Woodson on Carly Allen- Martin

Jim Woodson In reference to A Space Between Time Woodson says, "One can learn to become an ‘artist’. A teacher can provide some feedback and encouragement but the desire to persist must come from each individual. Sometimes the best thing a teacher can do is to get out of the way, releasing the student to pursue their own path. A ‘good teacher’ can communicate, by example, their own passion. Carly Allen entered my advanced painting class along with about a dozen other students. About half of those exhibited a certain seriousness about painting and a couple of those about becoming ‘a painter’. Carly was one of those. I have been fortunate over the years that a number of past students have continued to stay in touch with me. Of course the ones that have, are the ones that continued to pursue the life of an artist. Many have produced a significant body of work and have found success. Carly is clearly among those. She has established a personal voice that resonates with light, color, and surface. She is simply one of the best."

Carly Allen–Martin on Jim Woodson

Carly Allen–Martin In regards to A Space Between Time Allen-Martin states, " I have always had a fascination with outlaws. To me an outlaw is a true original. Outlaws never lose the originality of their character and are fearless in their ability to be themselves. They're able to carry a true expression, undeterred by what the world asks them to be. I knew Jim Woodson was an outlaw the first time I met him. He is kind and authentic and carries a mysticism in his persona. Anyone fortunate to study under Jim knew his signature uniform - denim jeans, denim shirt, a black leather vest, and black shoes - always with a braided ponytail down his back. He is someone that has mastered the art of minimizing insignificant details to maximize the details of importance. As a painter, he taught me to look for ways to present details in new light, to be a painter's painter and pull through layers that might have been insignificant before but add to the history and character of a painting. I remember one time in 2005, I went into Jim's office with tears in my eyes. I asked the question that all artists ask themselves from time to time... ’Jim, do you think I'm any good as a painter?’. He looked at me and said ‘Carly, just go make some God damn paintings.’ I now realize that is the answer of a master, and the only answer that will serve you as a creative."


M. Poppins, 2020, Acrylic on canvas. 48 x 36

Layla Luna
M. Poppins, 2020
Acrylic on canvas. 48 x 36

Artspace111 - The Jane Series

May 13 - June 26, 2021

Opening Reception May 13, 2021, 5-8 PM

New Works by Layla Luna

Artspace111 is excited to introduce The Jane Series by Layla Luna. Through abstracted colorful geometric paintings, Luna uses the concept of pie charts and mud pies to address the over-analysis of our daily lives in the digital age. Luna compares the pie chart shape to the shape of the nostalgic childhood mud pie; a symbol of the simplicity of life, childhood freedom, and creating with abandon.

Through many facets in the work, Luna subtly hints at female artist empowerment. The Jane Series references her inherited middle name, Jane; a name she shares with her cousin, maternal grandmother, mother, and daughter. This name acts as a link between the stories of all the women in her family. Luna completes her work with titles referencing heroines from childhood stories shared by her family, thus transforming the series into an anthropomorphic work. Each of the paintings becomes an individual courageous "Jane."

"The idea started with the pie chart and how we as artists are inundated with what success is and how to achieve it. The mud pies, childhood story heroines, and my family name are ways of taking control over my own path to success. Kiddos make with abandon - The Jane Series is my way to reclaim that confidence." - Layla Luna

About Layla Luna

A defining aspect of Layla Luna’s studio practice is making work in series. Each body of work may differ from one to the next in regard to materials used and specific themes, but two recurring interests serve as a common link: our interaction with nature and the attachments we place on objects, spaces, and architecture. The idea of home, as well as its physical structure, has come to embody these interests.

Luna was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1975. She received an MFA in Painting from Texas Christian University in 2016 and a BFA in Painting from Arizona State University in 2008. She studied at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand where she obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art in 2011. Artist-in-residence programs around the country have played a large role in feeding her need to explore and make work in new environments. Currently, Luna lives and works in Fort Worth, Texas.


-a,a,c, (mi melancholia), 2021, Knit and filling. 3 x 3 x 4 Photo by Evie Marie

Martha Elena
-a,a,c, (mi melancholia), 2021
Knit and filling. 3 x 3 x 4 Photo by Evie Marie

Artspace111 - Solo Solo

May 13 - June 26, 2021

Opening Reception May 13, 2021, 5-8 PM

New Works by Martha Elena

As the recipient of the Top Prize in the 7th Annual Texas Juried exhibition, Martha Elena was awarded an opportunity to exhibit once again with Artspace111. In 2021, Artspace111 is excited to present a showcase of Martha Elena’s intricate soft sculptures in the newly defined Solo Solo Exhibition series. Martha Elena is the inaugural artist in this showcase, which aims to provide solo show opportunities to rising Texas artists.

Martha Elena says this about her artwork: "The breadth of my work explores the idea of getting lost in translation. The work begins as a phrase that is converted using the Wingdings 3 font. The font does two things: One, it serves as a filter so that the viewer does not recognize the wording- only the form. It is the bridge between two sets of language and identities. I am torn in two. My native tongue is broken and limited while my English is still incomplete. Wingdings 3 helps me to create a new sense of self. One that only I can understand and manipulate. Two, it allows me to repeat motifs that can be designed and redesigned endlessly. I am interested in the visual representation of language. The content of the words influences the composition, color, and size of the work."

About Martha Elena

Martha Elena was born in Cerritos, Mexico, and raised in Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Elena attended and graduated from the University of Texas Pan American (now UTRGV) with a BFA. She now resides in Fort Worth, Texas. Elena is a Multi-disciplinary artist, and she is currently exploring and evolving in Soft Sculpture.

About Solo Solo

Solo Solo is a newly defined exhibition series for Artspace111 that aims to provide solo show opportunities to rising Texas artists. The series provides an opportunity for early-career artists to share their artwork in a focused exhibition, providing patrons a rounded view of the artist’s vision and body of work. Artists are selected by invitation or as part of the Top Prize award for the Texas Juried Exhibition. This series will be revisited at least twice each year in order to support the careers of emerging talent.


About Artspace111

Located in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, Artspace111 specializes in the exhibition of Contemporary Texas Art. In 1980, twin brothers Daniel and Dennis Blagg established Artspace111, converting a historic 1911 building into artist studios and a small gallery space in order to support and celebrate the work of local artists. In 2007, Margery Gossett and William Grella became the Owner/Directors of Artspace111 and further developed the gallery into a celebrated and distinguished 3,000 square foot art gallery. In addition to the year-round schedule of solo and group exhibitions, Artspace111 designs corporate and private art collections for clients throughout the country and hosts special events in its distinctive gallery and sculpture gardens. Artspace111 is dedicated to making contemporary art approachable to individuals of all ages.

Artspace111 is located east of Downtown Fort Worth at Hampton Street and Weatherford. The gallery is open Tuesday to Friday, 10 - 5 pm and Saturday by appointment. To schedule a private viewing, contact Margery Gossett or Margo Hudson by calling 817.692.3228 or emailing

111 Hampton Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102