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Beatbox Caviar

A Beatbox Caviar

Artist: Jeremy Joel

Exhibitions on Display: May 12 through June 30, 2018

Reception: Saturday May 12 - 6-11 pm

"Originally from Denver, Colorado, Joel has a deliberately folksy, distinctive and exuberant street style. His work can be seen throughout the metroplex, most notably in his beloved murals on the Southside. Joel is an artist that crosses back and forth seamlessly from his work as a street artist to an artist existing within the traditional gallery framework. He likens his style to "contemporary folk," and has a predilection to work in large-scale media. His paintings evoke a freedom, rawness, and sincerity that can be seen through his use of line and the minimizing of realistic components in the work."

Unconventional in style, Joel's highly-personal paintings serve as a peephole into his past, offering a reflection on his upbringing and life-events that have forged his world view. Complicated and multi-layered, A Beatbox Caviar will immerse its audience an autobiographical storytelling and leverage both his personal misfortunes and celebrations. The intriguing showcase will highlight Joel's interpretation of past and future generations of his family, including his relationship with his father and son.

A Beat Box Caviar is on Display through June 30, 2018


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