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Art Tooth

Blooms - Katie Toon

Art Tooth - Blooms

Exhibition on Display: June 27 - August 1, 2019

Artist: Katie Toon

Reception: July 18, 6-9 in partnership with Morgan Mercantile

With "Blooms," Katie Toon explores permanence and impermanence through the tender and intimate beauty of flowers. Composed of enlarged photographs of flowers in various stages of life and decay and an installation piece of organza and satin fabric petals and flowers suspended from the ceiling further inundate the viewer with the fleeting and transient. The scale of the photographs and installation is designed to immerse the audience in softness and luminescence, connected with the ephemeral.

About Art Tooth

Art Tooth is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit hybrid gallery project that develops community engagement through innovative partnerships between artists, cultural spaces, and local businesses.

Based in Fort Worth, we produced more than two dozen exhibitions and programs across North Texas beginning in 2016, including professional development workshops for local cultural producers. Between galleries, organizations, and artists, our influence on the region has grown substantially over a short time. Last fall, we were honored to be selected as the Fort Worth Community Art Center's first ever Art Collective in Residence. This partnership gives us a home and also a place to host many of our programs.