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Art Tooth - Art Aid Expo 2019

Art Tooth - Art Aid Expo 2019

Exhibition on Display: Saturday, June 15, 2019 - 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Artists: Various (See detail page)

The Fort Worth Community Arts Center and in conjunction with Art Tooth are proud to present the third annual Art Aid Expo 2019 for artists and arts organizations. Demonstrations and seminars in 9,000 square feet of contemporary galleries will be geared towards artists, art non-profits and other creative professionals highlighting the diverse support services available. Featured organizations and professionals will present their expertise through a variety of workshops and seminars helping artists to learn how to sustain a living in the arts.

Sponsored by Tom Maddrey PLLC and the Fort Worth Art Dealers Association

Working with Creative Commons, Licensing, and Attribution
Tom Maddrey, Maddrey PLLC

The Art of the Collective
A conversation between Art Tooth, Art Room, Art Luck, Fort Worth Art Collective and Latino Hustle

The Artist’s Journey: How Did We Get Here
Artists Panel of Erika Duque, Jeremy Joel, and Winter Rusiloski

A Look at the Texas Contemporary Art Career Margery Gossett, Artspace 111

About Art Tooth

Art Tooth is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit hybrid gallery project that develops community engagement through innovative partnerships between artists, cultural spaces, and local businesses.

Based in Fort Worth, we produced more than two dozen exhibitions and programs across North Texas beginning in 2016, including professional development workshops for local cultural producers. Between galleries, organizations, and artists, our influence on the region has grown substantially over a short time. Last fall, we were honored to be selected as the Fort Worth Community Art Center's first ever Art Collective in Residence. This partnership gives us a home and also a place to host many of our programs.