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Pottery In The Park


15th Annual Pottery in the Park Arts Festival

Featuring over 50 decorative and visual artists of pottery, jewelry, glass art, and other handmade works. An outdoor event near the Trinity River and walking trails. Artists will demonstrate how to make pottery. Purchase bisque ware and glaze it yourself, then we will raku fire it while you wait. Tour the pottery studio & talk with the artists. Kid's clay table, raffle prize and bake sale. Free admission / Free parking / Free to have a good time. Restaurants within walking distance. For more information & to see the "Flower Vase" raffle prize visit our FB page. Bring a copy of this ad & get one free raffle ticket!

About the Pottery Studio

Pottery is loved by many as an outlet for expressing creativity and developing artistic skills, as well as for the therapeutic benefits widely believed to come from sitting at the potter's wheel. In addition to its general public appeal, pottery is often used with senior, mental health, and other at-risk populations to promote cognitive, emotional, social, and physical health.

The CERA Pottery Studio is the only full-service pottery studio in greater Fort Worth and provides a cost-effective way to improve your pottery skills. It's also a slower-paced activity offered to our associates that still contributes to your overall health and enjoyment. Drop by for a tour and enjoy our introductory classes when you join! Benefits:
  • Monthly meetings, usually including demos and a door prize, and an informative monthly newsletter.
  • Access to the studio seven days a week.
  • Everything but clay is included in the membership fee.
  • Well-equipped studio with everything a potter needs for making and firing pottery, including electric, gas, and raku kilns and glazes.
  • On-site classes and workshops for additional fees.
  • Annual holiday party, as well as cookouts throughout the year.
  • Discounted fee to sell your wares at “Pottery in the Park” each October.
Pottery Studio
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Phone: (817) 475-1209
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